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Got a ha'porth of tar?
Sat Sep 8, 2018 17:15

I like the Daler/Rowney sketchbooks that Walmart sells very reasonably priced, 110 pages hardbound (not tear out) marked as being suitable for pencil and pen and ink.

Well as long as you don't want to use pen and ink washes, you might be alright though I doubt it because the bastard bleeds like blotting paper - almost!

I have to do test try outs of any new pen, some are really notorious for bleed through, some are usually not. The Japanese pens tend to be well behaved, the American/Chinese are so ink laden they'll blob if you stop even for a moment with the pen held onto the page.

Its a shame because I can stop them printing through to the next page by inserting a blank sheet of water colour paper but the back of the page will still look pretty awful as the bleed through isn't consistent.

I'm now wondering if perhaps spraying clear coat onto the backs of the pages will stop the bleed through but it will probably make the surface bleed effects worse and they're difficult to hide though you can make that work in your favour if you lightly pencil in guidelines to be erased after the inks had its walkabout.

All they had to do was calender the paper before binding and it would probably make all the difference. I wish I had a clothes iron, that would likely do the job too or perhaps I could use matt white spray paint to seal the paper?

See the things is that I like these books, they present a nice uniform look to my journals and at $8 a pop I can afford to use them even if I do have to cope with this problem which has only appeared in the last two years or so, before that the paper was fine.

One cannot really complain at being chiselled since the sticker clearly shows that pen and pencil, especially pencil, is what they're meant for. From a pencil users point of view they're almost perfect since that 'blotting paper' I describe is considered as having 'a good tooth' for pencil sketching.


I just finished reading our batch of correspondence below to Tammy who is a good listener and also makes cogent criticisms where required.

She said that there was sufficient interest, excitement and variety amongst human monsters without having to recourse to using dragons! I replied that the 'dragon' thing is really a joke not meant to be taken seriously but she's nevertheless quite right to point this out and suggest the new story stay seated in reality - more or less.

Apart from todays messages, I've been working on those two sketches I mentioned elsewhere. It always surprises me how much time artwork consumes and how tired I get from a couple of hours worth of painting and drawing.

    • One wonders... - sarge, Sun Sep 9 09:59
      ...if they did that on purpose since so many use those micro-ball pens anymore instead of "real" pens, and at every Hobby Lobby, AC Moore, &c you can get tonnes of different coloured pencils and... more
      • I might want your opinions chaps - mike, Sun Sep 9 14:06
        Note the plural, Roger. I would like to try a few test pieces without being expected to continue any of them in the same vein? Your thoughtful criticisms will be welcomed but that's on the basis of... more
        • Re: I might want your opinions chaps - roger, Mon Sep 10 10:17
          Mike, I'll make comments if I have any. I once did this for "Tramp" and he took exception to my calling what became his book "Live Cell" science fiction. He never asked my opinion again. I still... more
        • I'm in. - sarge, Sun Sep 9 14:57
          Give it a go!
      • I was anxiously a response! - mike, Sun Sep 9 11:14
        However the wait made me work on my art and thats good because it helps me to think as I paint and draw. Merkel is buried - I remembered a long ago character I started work on but never had anywhere... more
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