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I was anxiously a response!
Sun Sep 9, 2018 11:14

However the wait made me work on my art and thats good because it helps me to think as I paint and draw.

Merkel is buried - I remembered a long ago character I started work on but never had anywhere to put him but this is the perfect setting.

Actually re: art materials I have to tell you that in my opinion the Chinese turn out some of the best cheap water colour paintboxes you can hope to find. Whilst its true that the Chinese colours lack intensity, English water colours have much more pigment and hold up well to being used as washes but they are expensive whereas the Chinese offer a large range of subtle hues for the price of the smallest Rowney or Winsor and Newton pocket paint boxes.

I often combine coloured pencils, water colour paints and markers to get a variety of hues and colour densities. I need to get some more art materials especially water colour pencils which behave like pencils but can be gone over with a wet brush to intensify the colours.

Tammy suggests I use acrylics to get the same brightness as markers but with the workability of paint, I have some somewhere but I'm never entirely happy with the result generally using them if I need to white out a mistake or overpaint something I didnt like once it dried.

Half the 'fun' of water colours is the amazing changes that occur as they dry. What seemed brash and over stated often dries to a subtle shade quite unexpected and often welcome.

Going back to the 'blotting paper' issue. My best technique requires a waterproof paper that doesn't bleed through. I then flood the paper with water first and then start my background by dropping blobs of diluted colour in approximately the position required for later detailing and letting it wander as it will, like oil does on a puddle.

Once this dries you'll find a wonderful subtle blend of colours whose random shapes formed naturally suggest all sorts of things like when you see clouds suggest all sorts of shapes in the sky.

I then pencil them in whilst I see them (because if you take your eyes off the page its quite likely something different will appear in place of what you saw before) and when I'm satisfied with the composition I ink in the outlines to be filled with stronger colours and line drawing afterward.

  • One wonders... - sarge, Sun Sep 9 09:59
    ...if they did that on purpose since so many use those micro-ball pens anymore instead of "real" pens, and at every Hobby Lobby, AC Moore, &c you can get tonnes of different coloured pencils and... more
    • I might want your opinions chaps - mike, Sun Sep 9 14:06
      Note the plural, Roger. I would like to try a few test pieces without being expected to continue any of them in the same vein? Your thoughtful criticisms will be welcomed but that's on the basis of... more
      • Re: I might want your opinions chaps - roger, Mon Sep 10 10:17
        Mike, I'll make comments if I have any. I once did this for "Tramp" and he took exception to my calling what became his book "Live Cell" science fiction. He never asked my opinion again. I still... more
      • I'm in. - sarge, Sun Sep 9 14:57
        Give it a go!
    • I was anxiously a response! - mike, Sun Sep 9 11:14
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