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I might want your opinions chaps
Sun Sep 9, 2018 14:06

Note the plural, Roger.

I would like to try a few test pieces without being expected to continue any of them in the same vein?

Your thoughtful criticisms will be welcomed but that's on the basis of only criticizing if its really necessary, rather than doing so for the sake of it!

  • One wonders... - sarge, Sun Sep 9 09:59
    ...if they did that on purpose since so many use those micro-ball pens anymore instead of "real" pens, and at every Hobby Lobby, AC Moore, &c you can get tonnes of different coloured pencils and... more
    • I might want your opinions chaps - mike, Sun Sep 9 14:06
      • Re: I might want your opinions chaps - roger, Mon Sep 10 10:17
        Mike, I'll make comments if I have any. I once did this for "Tramp" and he took exception to my calling what became his book "Live Cell" science fiction. He never asked my opinion again. I still... more
      • I'm in. - sarge, Sun Sep 9 14:57
        Give it a go!
    • I was anxiously a response! - mike, Sun Sep 9 11:14
      However the wait made me work on my art and thats good because it helps me to think as I paint and draw. Merkel is buried - I remembered a long ago character I started work on but never had anywhere... more
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