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No! Damn you - laughs
Sun Sep 9, 2018 18:31

Its onomatopoeic!

Tinkle Tap the sound of metal and hammer

  • I like it... - sarge, Sun Sep 9 18:13
    ...though I wonder if the name is purposely chosen to flash back to a perfectly hideous school life, Tinkletap a primary school boy's dream name for a willy... The imagery of the setting is good,... more
    • No! Damn you - laughs - mike, Sun Sep 9 18:31
      • Re: No! Damn you - laughs - roger, Mon Sep 10 10:33
        Mike, Now you see how some of think.
      • Grin! - Sarge, Sun Sep 9 18:57
        I am such a ten-year-old boy! I very much like the onomatopoeia, now that you point it out, If you do want some distance from us who delight in our sometimes immature male sense of humour though,... more
        • Hopefully... - sarge, Mon Sep 10 13:17
          ...the country name suggestions make up for my male immaturity (which was intended 90% to amuse and I hope taken thus). Grin!
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