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The Citadel - for Roger
Mon Sep 10, 2018 11:16

I drew a map which, although a work in progress, I sent a copy of to Sarge.

I'm sure I've mentioned this whole new story idea somewhere here?

Well, to recap, its loosely based upon my favourite places in England and the Citadel is the City of London (bottom left hand corner of the map)

I wish I had a photobucket site to link to because then you could see the places on the map which Tim will visit one after another until he reaches his destination (top left North.)

As I said yesterday, I'm putting up the occasional ideas here as they develop but don't expect a serialised story because this one is in the planning stage and I intend to develop it first from beginning to end before making a start on the story itself.

If you wanted a model to help realize what its going to feel somewhat like, think of Arthur Ransome's Swallows and Amazons cross bred with Kenneth Grahames Wind in the Willows though sailing and talking animals aren't taking part.

I'm now working on Tims preparations before setting off and then the next stop Gallows Hill where he becomes aware that his journeying might be more perilous than he'd expected.

En route to Gallows Hill given a lift by a local carter, he learns more about the history of Brocks Burn and is given a map and the sound advice to stay off the Kings Highway at all costs.

All is not well in the country I have yet to find a good name for and the focus of mischief is the Citadel wherein bad things are happening, plots being hatched and liberties being curtailed.

Thus far the bucolic inhabitants of the countryside are blissfully unaware that their world's foundations are crumbling and Timothy has no idea that he's about to become embroiled in a struggle between the forces of Good and Evil.

His innocence and ignorance may well prove to be his salvation!

  • Re: Rough ideas for a start - roger, Mon Sep 10 10:42
    Somewhere I must have missed reference to the Citadel. Did it suddenly appear in the story or was a Citadel common to the time and area? This is probably picking nits but it did come as a surprise.... more
    • The Citadel - for Roger - mike, Mon Sep 10 11:16
      • Re: The Citadel - for Roger - roger, Tue Sep 11 09:00
        I had no idea that London was also called the Citadel. Thanks.
      • Country names? - sarge, Mon Sep 10 13:10
        How about Brythony or Brython (a nod to the Celt language of the Britons). Those I rather like really, but your pleasure comes before mine here. Anglia might be more obvious, though it does roll off... more
        • I'll go with BRYTHAN - mike, Mon Sep 10 14:08
          I like your suggestions especially Anglia and Midland would have been my choice except its too close to Middle Earth but BRYTHON works best only I'll alter the spelling a tad.
          • Glad... - Sarge, Mon Sep 10 14:49
   have contributed something a bit more "mature" today. He hee!
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