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Here's the next bit, well its a start
Mon Sep 10, 2018 16:16

Filename:- Tinkletap Part 2. Written Monday September 10th 2018

One of the charming local customs that Timothy had adopted soon after moving to Brocks Burn was to put out a saucer of milk on the doorstep last thing at night. He'd never enquired who it was meant for because he assumed it was either local cats or hedgehogs that benefited. Who or what ever the milk was meant for obviously appreciated the gift because the saucer was always clean and dry come the morning.

"Bless you sir, there's no need to be asking that of I!" laughed the wife of old Seth his closest neighbour, when Timothy approached her about the possibility of her keeping an eye on his place. "I'll just keep leaving out your brownie his milk of an evenin', 'cos I did see that you kept up the custom. Best make young Timothy feel welcome Marge, said my Seth, didn't you my love? Anyone that knows enough to keep the brownies happy is somone as we should be cherishing."

"Aye! There be few enough as keeps to the old ways now, mores the pity and t'will be sorrow that follows, mark my words" said Seth.

"Do you have any idea as to where you might be heading, if you don't mind me askin' you Timothy? 'Cos if you aint sure would you mind taking some advice from I? Look you, here's this old map of mine I used when I were a young 'un before I got settled down. Its old but I don't think Brythan has changed its shape since then.

Now d'you see these wide boundary roads as we once called the Kings Highway? Stay well off 'em no matter how good they may seem to thee. They're too well marked by robbers, bandits and other such scum as preys on the travellers. No, you'd best be taking to the byways and take them as runs along the high ground whenever theres a choice. I won't say as you'll get no trouble doing so but at least you'll a-see it comin'.

Got something to defend yourself with if it comes to it? No, well then take my old quarter stave lad, it'll serve you well in many a tight spot as it did for me. See it don't look as threatening as a blade which some do see as asking for a fight but it'll crack a headbone or break a wrist and turn a stroke as well as a shield and weighs a lot less beside."

Timothy took the proffered stave, it was blackened with age and felt comfortingly solid, one end was bound with an iron strap to keep it from splitting, the other end was capped with a conical iron spike. He looked questioningly at Seth.

"Useful in ice and snow is that, Timothy, might come in handy for other things too, such as sticking her into the ground to hang yer lantern from if you have to camp out at night, that sort of thing. Hornbeam is that, toughest wood I knows of. Look after it and it'll look after you."

"Should I tell the brownie that I'm leaving?" asked Timothy anxiously "I mean I've never seen him but I could speak aloud?"

"No! They don't like to be noticed, see? You try to catch a glimpse of one, you'll never see 'un again and that's if you're lucky. If you upset one he can take against you something cruel, best to pretend he aint there, whatever you do never try to talk to 'un or leave little gifts, except for their saucer of milk. See brownies are recognized by their own kind for how good a job they can do without ever being noticed, seen or heard." explained Marge

"Take a look at this here map" said Seth "if I were you I'd head this way toward Gallows Hill unless you had some other way in mind. Two reasons for doing so, first its the highest point around and you can see clear out to both royal roads, check that they're clear.

See how at Hart Ford the kingsway bears sharp right? You can then come down the back way to Hart Ford avoiding that road if you'd be looking for work.

Second reason is that Bob the Carter's going that way tomorrow as I did hear so you could get a ride with him to the foot of Gallows Hill and he's a man worth talking to as he knows a thing or two does Bob. So best of luck to you my lad and come home safe when your travellings done."

    • Should be BARN not Burn - mike, Tue Sep 11 17:31
      Burn doesn't fit into that part of Brythan it belongs far up North and refers to a body of water. So from now on I'll be spelling it as Brocks Barn which needs no explanation but if it did I'd invent ... more
      • Gotta like... - Sarge, Tue Sep 11 18:14
        ...the badger story, though the Battle of Brocks Barn does have ring to it. Perhaps the Battle of Brocks Barn might turn out to be an annually celebrated victory of the badger over the locals... more
        • Re: Gotta like... - roger, Wed Sep 12 07:42
          Gurning? Too lazy to look it up.
          • GURNING - mike, Wed Sep 12 08:17
            • Re: GURNING - roger, Thu Sep 13 08:04
              Gurning. I think I'm sorry I asked.
              • And now, respectability... - sarge, Fri Sep 14 09:20
                ...and a bit of a cultural lesson. The Gurning championship is a very famous part of what Egremont call the Crab Fair. Here comes the good bit. The fair itself is one of the oldest in the world, said ... more
        • YES! I like it - mike, Tue Sep 11 18:16
          Jolly good idea that about the Battle of Brocks Barn. Got Herts/Essex/Suffolk country lore written all over it.
    • Good - sarge, Mon Sep 10 17:01
      Good bit, that.
      • Re: Good - roger, Tue Sep 11 09:10
        Yes, I like that. Should probably go near the start of the story. Hmmmm. Maybe even be the start.
        • I think you're right Roger - mike, Tue Sep 11 11:35
          Remember these two pieces are NOT the story but more of an outline that I know will need more careful writing. However I agree that the second part should have some of the first part integrated into... more
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