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Well bless me
Tue Sep 11, 2018 17:38

I hadn't used my battery powered electric drill for at least three years and it was flat as a pancake so I put it on charge not expecting any luck and what do you know but it took the charge and held it!

So that allowed me to put up two ply squares to protect the windows and without that drill I'd have been buggered as I dont have an extension cord.

Then I turfed off the rotting recliner thats been adding a touch of class to the neighbourhood, criminy but that bastards heavy, plus a few more decorative bits of junk and I still have seven heavy planks to recover that were my front path till they floated off in the deluge!

Thats me knackered!

  • Update on evac - mike, Tue Sep 11 10:58
    Spoke to Heather this morning, decided to leave evacuation until tomorrow as that gives her time to go shopping and do other things perhaps because we're coming to stay. I'm probably going to put my... more
    • Well bless me - mike, Tue Sep 11 17:38
      • I watch NOAA... - sarge, Tue Sep 11 17:47
        ...rather than the fear-mongering trollops in sheaths on the Weather Channel, since NOAA is where WC and everyone else gets the nugget of info they then blow all into a great faff and fear exercise... more
        • Re: I watch NOAA... - roger, Wed Sep 12 07:40
          I agree about NOAA.I have it on my computer and it has been much more accurate than others. One of the local TV stations in Savannah seems to use NOAA also.
        • Thanks very useful - mike, Tue Sep 11 20:26
          All day long I've been telling her that the media always exaggerate and cannot be trusted because they think 'the story' matters more than the truth. I even found the latest maps and pointed out that ... more
          • I know it won't... - sarge, Tue Sep 11 21:24
            ...convince her, and that is just fine; was intended to help you keep your perspective, look cool, and keep your nut. Grin! Keep those links in your bookmarks and you'll be on top of the situation,... more
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