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Keep the comments coming
Tue Sep 11, 2018 20:36

I was gratified to see that the silent minority (Roger) accepted the invitation and passed his remark about the structure of the demo bits maybe would benefit from rejigging.

Also Sarge is fulfilling a very useful role in discussing my ideas and making useful suggestions, all this helps me to think more carefully than I usually do.

It does appear that I'm prone to writing short bits in story form rather than the synopsis I intended to present but I'm far from having the plot worked out as yet, indeed thats what I'm currently struggling to come up with, I only have the barest outline, so I may be doomed to putting each development into readable story form because thats how I write.

My approach is a bit like that of problem solving. I suggest the next step - in this case Gallows Hill - and then I have to work out some plausible scenarios such as I just did with Brocks Barn and then I test it out by presenting it like an episode of a serial, often several of these to see which seems the most likely.

    • Re: Keep the comments coming - roger, Wed Sep 12 07:54
      Mike, I can't comment much about the locale of the story. Never been out of the US.But I know that some travels must do certain things to move. Unless magic is involved. You can write an out line... more
    • I forgot to add to the above - mike, Tue Sep 11 20:39
      That these conversations with you gentlemen are the most helpful aspect of all because they beg a response which in turn makes me think about the issue with perhaps more focus than I might have... more
      • OK to... - sarge, Tue Sep 11 21:19
        ...test bits on us while you do the basic outline. That allows you to test characters for fit and colour, and various settings for flavour. The more characters and settings you want to try out, the... more
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