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Now listen up ROGER and pay attention dammit!
Tue Sep 11, 2018 22:53

GRIN! Me in teacher mode! You should recognize it...

This story in the making of mine has been loosely based on an area of England familiar to Sarge and myself.

Very very loosely based, so tenuous as to be almost imaginary!

So I called the one and only city - the Citadel.

It is NOT London! London never has been called that as far as I know.

A citadel is a fortress that protects a city. So I would say the Tower of London is or was a citadel and so perhaps was Windsor Castle.

However I just slapped that label onto my one big city because on the map its drawn as being a large castle.

    • OK. I understand. I did know what a citadel is. I have never been a big fan of "western/cowboy" novels but when I saw the Lonesome Dove mini series I had to read the original. The author could have... more
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