The best laid plans
Tue Dec 4, 2018 15:33

Although I cannot really call today a write off, matters did work out that I made less progress than desired. I have been agonizing over the size, type, placement of reinforcement pieces whilst dreading the sheer slog of making them once I have decided upon which goes where.

Well for starters I drew and cut out what will be the stencil to use in making six more longitudinal connecting trusses and then used it to mark out the pieces ready for cutting out.

As parts get smaller it becomes more difficult to keep them identical to each other. Minor wobbles in using the x-acto knife result in variations that cannot always be corrected but by and large I will use them anyway figuring no one will really notice unless close up and anyway the parts are mostly hidden up inside the roof.

This issue is particularly annoying because it arises from misleading shadows cast by the ruler making the cut line hard to see and sometimes causing me to follow the shadow line not the drawn one.

Then at 9:15 I had to go to Walmart to pick up my meds which I ran out of three days ago and might be causing the extreme fatigue and nightmares that have bedevilled me making it even harder to keep nose to grindstone.

However it was worth the hiatus because three dollars netted me a bag of miniature wooden clothes pins and a bag of matchstick sized wood sticks that I hope can stand in for the reinforcement pieces to some degree eliminating tedious manufacture of same.

Got home around 11.15 and returned to the job in hand, made a long reinforcement to go along the top of the arch, glued and pinned it in place had a nap whilst glue dried. More advil needed I suspect rains on the way, eyes are going wonky from all this fine detail work, may have to call it quits for the day

    • Now is the Winter of our discontent - mike, Wed Dec 5 10:04
      Made colder by the need for reinforcing struts! Hours of drawing long straight lines 1/8" apart in fives, the middle being the scoring line, the outer two being the cut lines, the other two being... more
      • Patience, lad... - sarge, Wed Dec 5 15:44
        Grin! I do believe Testors is undergoing some sort of reorg of the product line at the moment. Their online catalogue doesn't look good. A look at Modelmaster colours for WWII US and UK enamals show... more
        • Weird aberrations - Mike, Thu Dec 6 09:22
          I spent TEN HOURS yesterday cutting out reinforcing pieces and applying them so that I would end the day with the six completed 4" x 1.5" connecting trusses that run on the outside vertical strut of... more
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