Sorry about the story telling
Thu Dec 6, 2018 10:33

As I promised myself that at the very least I would produce one unit of my station canopy which means that I must keep the impetus by not getting sidetracked into planes, computers, boats or anything else then that means no writing except the blow by blow accounts I've been doing.

However I have to take a tea break and meal break and when I do I like to have a book to hand, one that I know so I dont get locked onto a 'you can't put it down' type story. I just ran through my Clancy's and so I made Harry Potter the next ones to skim through re-reading my favourite bits.

Now you've heard me grumble about inconsistencies in these books before, as well as character flaws (each time I read them I dislike Ron and Hermione more and more). One of the most flawed of the 7 books in my opinion, is the sixth one 'The Half Blood Prince'. I have compiled a long list of examples why its the worst (with page numbers and underlined passages and comments in the margins!)

Pathetic, I know but its a harmless entertainment! Helps me to block out Tammys damn political stuff. Otherwise I have to retreat to the bedroom to get away from the horrible commentaries and loud mouthed pundits she likes so much.


What really bothers me is the bland assumption that all these wizardly shenanigans pass unnoticed by the Muggle world and especially the Prime Minister's having to be at the beck and call of that portrait on the wall.

So for the last few days of assiduous model building I've been making a start on a 'What If' spin off from these books and it starts with a new, young and dynamic Prime Minister (pause for raucous laughter) who has been told about the wizarding world and the portrait by his predecessor.

This PM has a scientific background and got elected because of his success in convincing the public that Brexit need not be the disaster it has been so far nor is it desirable to be a satrap of the USA to which end his policies are directed at making the most of Britains strengths.

This news about the wizarding world not surprisingly puts his back up and since he has assembled a group of advisors of similar background to his own to exploit every possible avenue that will further his agenda.

At their first meeting which is held at his country home to ensure no eavesdropping occurs by the picture or anyone planted in Number 10 as a secretary such as Kingsley Shacklebolt had been before he became Minister of Magic, the PM explains the situation as it was told to him in confidence by the outgoing PM.

(This is just a synopsis, I would want to build up to this with a lot more detail)

He explains that the children of some Muggles are possessed of magical skills and attend a seperate school so it should not be hard using records of marriage, births etc to determine which Muggle parents have wizard or witch children.

Ideally he suggests they find a willing conspirator to infiltrate Hogwarts one way or another and/or the Ministry and gather information until they have amassed enough to discover what they could be up against if another Voldemort appears and tries to disrupt Muggle lives, causes bridges to fail, unleash magical creatures and so on.

"You want to deal forcefully with them?" enquires a committee member only to be told no, quite the opposite, I want to encourage them to cooperate with us but we must bear in mind that they may demurr and in which case we need to demonstrate that an informed and alarmed electorate might take matters into their own hands which would be unfortunate.

Theres another aspect to consider, the PM explains and that is the way in which we are unable to detect magical influence and I believe that we should be able to given the tools we possess to investigate every aspect of the electro magnetic spectrum. For example I refuse to believe that airborne objects can evade detection and what can be done to improve the sensitivity or resolution of such devices as we currently employ for air traffic control and air defence?

How should we make a start someone asks?

The PM then goes on to explain about Azkaban and Dementors. "I have it on good authority that eliminating these creatures would endear us to the wizarding world. Also I would like to know how an island can exist in the North Sea without our being aware of it? In other words gentlemen our first task must be to pierce the veil of secrecy they have hidden behind for so long,

However it is essential they do not discover what we are doing, to which end you must not trust any of your fellow workers, nor assume your mail is safe from interception. To begin with we shall only meet at irregular intervals either here or at some other safe house to be established later, for now my home will serve but I dont want observant eyes to take note of these gatherings and investigate them.

By the same token you need to be aware that the wizards can employ a range of animals and magical creatures to act as lookouts or spies. So I suggest that our first objective should be a means of detecting magical influence and perhaps some way to erect a barrier to it."

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