How does he get away with the insults?
Sat Jan 12, 2019 10:17

I wouldn't take kindly to some of his jibes I can tell you and I'm sure that I'm more tolerant than some of the audience, so he must have a system be it only a free pass for front row seats given the warning of what to expect or something like that to take the sting out of the comments especially about peoples wives or girlfriends.

He's very funny and he does know his history, better than I do for spur of the moment responses.

I enjoyed the posts very much they are extremely funny and very British in that we all think those things if we dont say them aloud except to close friends.

I've never been very comfortable with public rudeness though, I don't feel its necessary and I saw a few youngsters in the various audiences who I wouldn't want to use '...' in front of even if they probably do know it and use it with their mates as we did.

  • In addition... - sarge, Sat Jan 12 08:31
    One more with your morning cuppa: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=nYiOCctlPR0 What is brilliant is the guy knows his history, and knows it well. Then, his interpretations are just... Grin!
    • How does he get away with the insults? - mike, Sat Jan 12 10:17
      • I believe he... - sarge, Sat Jan 12 12:38
        ...does get away with it simply because the audience knows what to expect in advance. They know he is taking the piss out of the stereotype he is portraying, and that is what they came for. If one... more
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