Meanwhile (back up to the top) to continue
Sun Jan 13, 2019 10:06

Sunday bloody Sunday, at least I'm glad the snow turned to rain and its lucky its not freezing rain.

You could have knocked me down with a feather when yesterday after a day of blue skies, sun, no wind, I open the front door at 6pm to discover an inch of snow and more falling!

Overnight it turned to rain which explains the house being warmer than expected from my leaving the electric heater running for which I'll no doubt pay a heavy price next month. So first off, let's enjoy this heartwarming ditty!


As mentioned in the message above, I am surprised and delighted to re-discover that Timothy Tinkletap story that I drew the map and pictures for.

I hadn't got very far with the tale, a sketchy outline and some arguments with myself about various proposed elements of the story especially the brownie and of course the magic which I have always wanted to incorporate but never felt entirely comfortable with.

This is, in the main, because it's been done to death and it's impossible to find a niche of ones own without feeling open to accusations of plagiarism. That's why I chose a brownie to start with because they are little creatures rarely mentioned and are in fact 'the elves' of the story about the shoemaker and the elves, of course the Germans got the species wrong.

Or was it Hans Andersen in which case it's the Danish but I rather fancy it was the brothers Grimm what a perfect name and they certainly did their best to live up to it. Some really nasty, sadistic stories that give a glimpse into the Saxon psyche, no wonder they love the Black Forest so much.

But I digress...(as usual)

So I'm not going to suddenly change direction and rush into that particular narrative until I've had more time to work it out to my satisfaction. An important element is the illustration which slows me down a lot because I lack the confidence to draw out the ideas straight into my journal. When I was in my twenties and thirties I never lacked confidence in my artwork and I'm not sure how or why this has happened to me.

Partly the reason may be that I now write and draw straight into those hardbound plain paper journals that I'm so fond of. So a mistake or even an inconvenience like the blasted inks bleeding through the (almost blotting quality) paper, makes me reluctant to risk ruining what is already in place on the subsequent pages because I leave pages blank where pictures are to go knowing it will take me ages to get them done.

I'm in editorial mode at the moment (already require a new black ink cartridge) reading and correcting and reassembling Widford which I was also pleased to rediscover. I cannot be doing so badly if I actually enjoy reading my own writing, can I?

So I pushed this back up to the top because you made no comment and I wondered if perhaps it had been overlooked. I enjoy reading your observations and do not take umbrage at suggestions about what might improve matters. Besides I need to talk about work in progress, it does help the ideas gell. The trouble is that if I fire up the computer I'll likely be distracted for half a day when I should have been staring at my drawings.

  • The story so far - mike, Thu Jan 10 17:45
    Funny how things turn out. Remember those two water colours I sent you? The map and the brownie? Well they bled through the pages of my journal and it looks pretty ugly especially as I'm trying to... more
    • Meanwhile (back up to the top) to continue - mike, Sun Jan 13 10:06
      • I had thought... - sarge, Sun Jan 13 11:24
        ...you were more thinking out loud to yourself quite yet, so didn't want to queer the thought process. If you go with Widford, there is enough there you might want to perhaps write the ending in the... more
        • A VERY GOOD IDEA, THANKYOU - MIKE, Sun Jan 13 13:34
          You know what was holding me up with Widford? I had an ending but couldn't think of how to get there without writing a really massive tome, or giving the ending away in advance. The plan was to first ... more
          • Oh and you were also correct - mike, Sun Jan 13 15:22
            About my thinking aloud to myself, quite right but that doesn't forbid you from chiming in because I realized today that I'm in your debt for the encouragement that has kept me going with the stories ... more
            • Whatever works for you - or me - mike, Sun Jan 13 16:53
              As I said before, its amazing the way things work out! I'm really putting a lot of effort into keeping this 2019 journal/sketchbook/storybook neat and tidy as possible. So I decided to cover the... more
              • I'm going to be... - sarge, Sun Jan 13 18:56
                ... somewhat quiet at the moment, but know it isn't being non-supportive by any means. I read all this like you really need to become one with these stories again. If you hit a wall, well, put it... more
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