Oh and you were also correct
Sun Jan 13, 2019 15:22

About my thinking aloud to myself, quite right but that doesn't forbid you from chiming in because I realized today that I'm in your debt for the encouragement that has kept me going with the stories etc.

Having a receptive audience is a necessary stimulus, particularly one who is in tune with the same odd mixture of English and American cultural icons of an earlier era though not exclusively so!

So again, thanks, your helpfulness and friendship means a lot to me, don't want to embarass you but I thought it should be acknowledged.

  • A VERY GOOD IDEA, THANKYOU - MIKE, Sun Jan 13 13:34
    You know what was holding me up with Widford? I had an ending but couldn't think of how to get there without writing a really massive tome, or giving the ending away in advance. The plan was to first ... more
    • Oh and you were also correct - mike, Sun Jan 13 15:22
      • Whatever works for you - or me - mike, Sun Jan 13 16:53
        As I said before, its amazing the way things work out! I'm really putting a lot of effort into keeping this 2019 journal/sketchbook/storybook neat and tidy as possible. So I decided to cover the... more
        • I'm going to be... - sarge, Sun Jan 13 18:56
          ... somewhat quiet at the moment, but know it isn't being non-supportive by any means. I read all this like you really need to become one with these stories again. If you hit a wall, well, put it... more
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