Whatever works for you - or me
Sun Jan 13, 2019 16:53

As I said before, its amazing the way things work out!

I'm really putting a lot of effort into keeping this 2019 journal/sketchbook/storybook neat and tidy as possible. So I decided to cover the blank but bleed through stained back pages of the illustrations with a 14pt text description of the facing picture.

This, of course, requires me to look at the picture which was originally a random inspiration of no fixed abode and try to think how it might fit into the story. I'm not cheating! I drew the picture of the castle in the mountains with no part written for it in the story, its a nice picture, I thought it might fit.

Ditto with the brownie. What he was originally going to be was the beginning of J.R.R.Tolkiens 'The Hobbit' I had thought of doing my own illuminated version of it with fancy capitals and decorative borders as well as ornate illustrations because a lot of his imagery really fires up my imagination.

Now I'm a bit stuck with it because the dwarf looks like a dwarf and it doesnt help that there's a couple more in the distance walking towards the hobbits hole with its green door and Gandalf rune! So for now I'll just leave it lie, maybe I can think of some description later.

Well by the same process thats pretty much how the Tim Tinkletap tale is progressing, its oscillating between pictures telling the story and the story providing the pictures. Its not a bad way to work, the trick is to find something that will motivate me then coax that impulse into serving my purpose.

Otherwise, as you know, something inevitably takes the wind out of my sails, the Muse buggers off and I run slap bang into a bloody great big WALL

  • Oh and you were also correct - mike, Sun Jan 13 15:22
    About my thinking aloud to myself, quite right but that doesn't forbid you from chiming in because I realized today that I'm in your debt for the encouragement that has kept me going with the stories ... more
    • Whatever works for you - or me - mike, Sun Jan 13 16:53
      • I'm going to be... - sarge, Sun Jan 13 18:56
        ... somewhat quiet at the moment, but know it isn't being non-supportive by any means. I read all this like you really need to become one with these stories again. If you hit a wall, well, put it... more
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