I'm going to be...
Sun Jan 13, 2019 18:56

... somewhat quiet at the moment, but know it isn't being non-supportive by any means. I read all this like you really need to become one with these stories again.

If you hit a wall, well, put it away for a while and play with the other or take a break. It'll still be there when the wall melts away.

Meanwhile, looking forward to seeing what gets written, but I'm not pressing you to go beyond what comes out of mind and fingers naturally.

There is no pressure.

  • Whatever works for you - or me - mike, Sun Jan 13 16:53
    As I said before, its amazing the way things work out! I'm really putting a lot of effort into keeping this 2019 journal/sketchbook/storybook neat and tidy as possible. So I decided to cover the... more
    • I'm going to be... - sarge, Sun Jan 13 18:56
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