Yes! Its doable by one man
Wed Feb 13, 2019 17:19

Though many tend to specialize in either programming or graphic design and go looking for a collaborator. I had one last year and I created a tank for him and he was going to use it but his health took a turn for the worse. So I ended up making a start on programming myself but petered out as I dont work well alone I needed someone to work with and its difficult to locate simpatico types.

Okay so one solution is to use AGD and a lot of people do and do very well with it but I find it obtuse and clumsy though its a hell of a feat of programming even so.

So once again I have collected several software tools to have a crack at going it alone, thing is I'm not a games type and cannot come up with something fun to play. The games I like are fairly simple, avoid the traps and try to get through the platforms as fast as you can.

to be honest I really only do this partly because I have happy memories of the Spectrum and mainly because it gives me an excuse to have people to talk to about the topic. Also I am intrigued by the clever way these chaps squeeze performance out of the machine that its hard to believe.

  • Re: Madeleine? Nobody else will care (sob) - Madeleine, Wed Feb 13 13:01
    We had a look at the link and the short extract. Is some of the interest that itís possible to create games without needing a whole team to work on it? It reminded G of the game Matic Mushrooms that... more
    • Yes! Its doable by one man - mike, Wed Feb 13 17:19
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