Re: parents who spank
Thu Nov 10, 2016 10:48

Hi I'm a female who needs a good long otk can use a hairbrush or your hand. Text me 9376614823

  • parents who spank - Accepting responsibility... hairbrush spankings, Wed Apr 29 14:11
    We are a couple who is willing to spank and mentor others, either one Spankings will be with hand, and or ping pong paddle, wooden spoon, jokari paddle or more likely wooden hairbrush. We will in the ... more
    • Accountability - Accepting responsibility... K, Mon Oct 22 21:39
      Hello there, I recently wrote a message on this website about my needs. I see you are a married couple, if you are interested and taking new mentors please feel free to email me/reply. thank you
    • Way Over Due - Accepting responsibility... Anonymous, Wed May 16 01:57
      I am way over due and in bad need of a good hard otk bare bottom spanking. Please email me so we can get this started on a regular basis right away.
    • Disciplinary spanking/mentoring - Accepting responsibility... WAboy, Sun Dec 11 06:54
      Do you both work with the mentee or can it be a one-on-one? I had a negative experience with a male mentor before, but I think at this point in life a hard, no-nonsense paddling and scolding would be ... more
    • Interested, but cautious - Accepting responsibility... Ashley, Tue Dec 6 16:47
      Hello, I am very interested in this, but I am cautious. I've been looking into this for a little while now but am nervous as I'm looking for a place that offers a safe environment. Nothing sexual.... more
    • Re: parents who spank - Accepting responsibility... Anonymous, Thu Nov 10 10:48
    • I do need it - Accepting responsibility... Mina, Tue Apr 12 20:59
      I am so sorry because I live far, far away, on the other continent. But, be so kind and tell me how would you like to discipline me?
    • College accountability - Accepting responsibility... jk_ketcham, Wed Dec 30 13:11
      Hello, I was just wondering if we could chat because I'd interested in doing this, I've never actually have been spanked like this but I think if might help me through college. I was just wondering... more
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