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Why Bioidenticals Hormones Are Better than Synthetics
Thu Dec 16, 2010 19:37

Why Bioidenticals Hormones Are Better than Synthetics
by Jeffrey Dach MD

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Bioidentical Hormones are far preferable compared to synthetic hormones. Firstly, the WHI Study (Women's Health Initiative Study) showed that synthetic hormones cause cancer and heart disease. If you look at the second arm of the WHI study, (which did not include a synthetic progestin), the breast cancer risk is significantly decreased. The cardiac risk was also decreased.

Therefore, the Progestin Was the Culprit

The culprit was the synthetic progestin called Provera, known for years to cause cancer and heart disease. As a matter of fact, three previous studies showed the same finding, that progestins cause breast cancer.

1) The Breast Cancer Detection Demonstration Project (BCDDP ) had an 8 fold increase in breast cancer when they used a progestin.

2) The Swedish Record Review had a three fold increase in breast cancer with a progestin.

3) The Million Woman Study had a two fold increase.

In all these studies, they were using Progestins along with the estrogen, and that's why they got those results. (Progestins are chemically altered synthetic forms of progesterone).

Examples of a chemically altered hormone (see below): Medroxyprogesterone acetate is a modified version of progesterone, Chemical modification in RED below:

Above left: Bioidentical progesterone Above Right: chemical modification in RED

A Progestin is NOT Progesterone

Progestin is not the same as bioidentical progesterone. In fact, Progestins are "chemicalized " versions of progesterone. The chemical structure is altered to get a patent. That's why they are so bad for your health. They have been altered chemically.

Breast Cancer Rates Fall After Women Abandon Synthetic Hormones

Secondly, when the WHI results were made public, prescriptions for synthetic hormones dropped and breast cancer rates plummeted. Two separate studies showed these findings:
Both in a Canadian Study and a US Study (April 2007 NEJM), data showed plummeting breast cancer rates after the 2002 WHI study prompted massive numbers of women to abandon synthetic hormones.

Bioidentical Hormones Are Not Associated with Breast Cancer

I would add here the French Cohort Study showed no increased risk of breast cancer in bioidentical hormone users compared to the general population at large.

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