Sammy Meeks
Room 2, for 2. [Tag: John Umland]
Mon Jun 19, 2017 23:02

Sammy kicked a rock down the hallway. It wasn’t large, not much more than a pebble, but she’d found it in her shoe the other day - perhaps a remnant of a recent trip to the Gardens - and now found a calm delight in letting it lead her path when nobody else was around. There was potential to scuff the floor, sure, but not much greater than, say, a high heel, plus, well… she wasn’t a prefect, so she didn’t really need to strive for perfect behavior. An indoor rock buddy was not an offense that would affect her future Quidditch Captaincy, either.

In her arms were the artifacts of a different way of occupying herself, two gloves and a baseball. She used to make Jax play catch with her occasionally, and now she had a void to fill. Sammy figured she could probably make Ben play sometime, since he was the only person who really seemed to care about baseball as much as she did, but the thought didn’t occur to her until she was already most of the way to MARS, and at that point, it wasn’t worth turning around. She just figured she’d show up and encroach on whoever was already there, if there was someone. If there wasn’t, then she’d go find a friendly face who’d be willing to slap on a mitt.

The Pecari wandered into the sports room and was delighted to find it occupied, her brown eyes settling upon the back of John Umland. John wasn’t somebody she knew very well, although they had something of a mutual friend in Aislinn. Plus he was good at Quidditch; even if their scrimmage team didn’t win, it had been admittedly a good time working with him. Sammy loved being teamed up with Ben like she was for normal season games, but she felt like John was also a good Beating partner. That was enough semblance to a friendship for her to feel comfortable making him play with her.

“Hey, Canada!” she called to him. He was facing away from her, but she anticipated that he would turn around, so she went ahead and threw one of the baseball gloves at him. When she thought she had his attention, she held up the ball. “Ever seen a baseball before? It’s part of the whole ‘American way’ thing. Unfortunately,” she bantered playfully (and obviously: overdoing her tone on purpose just in case John didn’t know her enough by now to be able to tell she was teasing), “I can’t seem to locate a good, God-fearing American citizen, so you’ll have to do.” Sammy grinned. “Wanna play catch?”

    • John was not, the last he had noticed, one of the largest and (not that he was biased or anything) best countries in the world, but he still turned around when he heard Sammy Meeks’ voice call out... more
      • ....Well, that was a stretch. Sammy, Fri Jun 23 22:22
        “Inferior?” Sammy laughed. “Yeah, okay. That’s why you hopped the border down here to come to school. But don’t worry, I’ll forgive you since you’re agreeing to play with me anyway.” She was not... more
        • “I appreciate the forgiveness, but it doesn't change the facts," retorted John. "I only hopped the border so I could protect my sister from your incompetent American charms researchers,” said John.... more
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