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John Umland
Is that also how many times you plan to lose this game?
Tue Jun 20, 2017 17:41

John was not, the last he had noticed, one of the largest and (not that he was biased or anything) best countries in the world, but he still turned around when he heard Sammy Meeks’ voice call out ”Hey, Canada” behind him. This turned out to be a good decision, as the call was shortly followed by a thrown object, which he caught and looked at in utter confusion. Why was Sammy Meeks throwing baseball equipment at him?

This strange behavior was explained a moment later, to his relief. He had heard of human females who threw things at males to indicate they were not impressed with the male’s courtship displays, and as John was not aware he had made any romantic advances toward Sammy, he was very glad to find out that she neither appeared to think that he had done so and or she did not think he had done so in such poor fashion as to warrant throwing things at him. He was also pleased to hear that this was not an expression of outrage over the way the Quidditch game had gone. That still irked him, not least because he was afraid that it had happened because of Joe….

Not relevant. He smiled slightly as she concluded her comments on Americans. “I suppose I really should help you see the inferiority of your country,” he said in reply. What he supposed he really ought to do was leave and do more homework, but as he hadn’t been planning to do that for a bit anyway, he might as well go along with this for a bit. It would be pleasant to speak to another human in a non-complicated context. “Let’s see what you’ve got.”

  • Room 2, for 2. [Tag: John Umland]Sammy Meeks, Mon Jun 19 23:02
    Sammy kicked a rock down the hallway. It wasn’t large, not much more than a pebble, but she’d found it in her shoe the other day - perhaps a remnant of a recent trip to the Gardens - and now found a... more
    • Is that also how many times you plan to lose this game? — John Umland, Tue Jun 20 17:41
      • ....Well, that was a stretch. Sammy, Fri Jun 23 22:22
        “Inferior?” Sammy laughed. “Yeah, okay. That’s why you hopped the border down here to come to school. But don’t worry, I’ll forgive you since you’re agreeing to play with me anyway.” She was not... more
        • “I appreciate the forgiveness, but it doesn't change the facts," retorted John. "I only hopped the border so I could protect my sister from your incompetent American charms researchers,” said John.... more
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