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Owen Brockert
You don't have to ask me twice
Wed Jun 21, 2017 23:28

Owen was very excited for his date with Jemima. Not that he didn't see her every day and spend time with her everywhere he could. Lingering in the common room every night and taking classes together all day. He never got tired of being around her, ever.

But actual dates, ones meant to be romantic events were extra special to him. Because they could focus on each other and only each other as opposed to during class where they work. Or when she was painting and he was writing. They might have been in the same room but they weren't each other's main focus. Well, in theory anyway. He focused on her as much as he did Cookies and Cream and their buddies and nemesis. His latest story was about Lord Cockroach building a super weather controlling machine out of a volcano in Canada-yes, Owen knew there were no volcanos in Canada, that's why this was fiction-and wreaking havoc. He was probably going to end it with his characters finding a way to make the volcano not be dormant any more and melt the weather machine with lava. Lord Cockroach would escape and live to torment them another day. Because he couldn't get rid of his villain. Lord Cockroach, vile as he was, was pretty much the third most important character in his stories.

Anyway, dates that involved going to MARS and playing in the pool-Owen didn't consider it swimming in the true, super athletic sense, it was basically frolicking around in water and he really liked frolicking with Jemima-were the best ones for two reasons. First of all, he got to his girlfriend in a bathing suit. Secondly, if what happened at the Returning Feast happened again-and he was afraid it might-they could get in the hot tub and turn on the bubbles so he could hide it.

Now Owen watched as Jemima removed her sundress and gave an appreciative smile. He didn't need to be told twice to join her, peeling off his shirt and jumping on in.

OOC-Relationship stuff approved by Jemima's author

  • Come on in, the water's lovely (tag Owen)Jemima Wolseithcrafte, Sat Jun 3 09:01
    Jemima was normally a good girl who followed the rules. Her Aladren siblings had seen the inherent logical flaws in the way society tried to restrict their libidoes, or at least pretended to want to... more
    • You don't have to ask me twice — Owen Brockert, Wed Jun 21 23:28
      • And then..?Jemima, Tue Jul 11 23:19
        Jemima watched Owen peeling his shirt off, smiling to herself. Once he joined her in the pool though, she lost some of the confidence she'd had in her head when picturing this scene. It was very easy ... more
        • Then we keep doing this!Owen, Tue Jul 18 19:01
          "Yes, it is." Owen agreed. He blushed when Jemima said it was doubly so with him there. "And same. Of course having you with me makes any place better, even unpleasant ones such as the hospital wing... more
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