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Jozua Sparks with Daniel Nash
Dueling Club!
Thu Jun 22, 2017 12:11

As the dueling club was a little different than most clubs, Jozua didn’t really plan meetings. Meetings were generally just, well, two people dueling at a time, while everyone else watched and Professor Nash supervised and refereed. They occasionally set up tournaments that ran across several meetings because there wasn’t enough time to finish a whole tournament in a single meeting, but that sometimes went a little weird when people were different from one meeting to the next. More often, they just did some drills and dueled practice matches against each other. Other times, they took a whole meeting to focus on a particular hex, jinx, or defense (or combination thereof) that Professor Nash thought they needed to improve.

Jozua’s part as club president was more administrative. He reserved the MARS sports room, which was easier to set up as a professional dueling arena than rearranging the DADA classroom (as he was generally the first to arrive, it most resembled the one in Aladren, Oregon, which was the venue where he’d attended all of the professional matches he’d seen). He put up fliers advertising the club and reminded people to come. He made sure there was water for people to drink. He greeted people as they arrived. And once it was time to start, he made any announcements there might be. And after that, Professor Nash largely took over as their dueling coach, though not as completely as Professor Pye had, given Professor Nash’s lesser familiarity with Dueling.

“Hello,” he greeted today, as the long hand on his watch ticked past the hour, making anyone who arrived now officially a minute late. “I guess everyone saw the announcement about the concert? We’re going to talk about that a bit today, then move on to a few drills and practice bouts.” Practice bouts were always between people of similar ability levels, so beginners and advanced students generally didn’t go up against each other unless one of the tournaments went a bit odd. Drills, however, were for everyone together, warming up, practicing basic forms, and making them habitual. Toward the end of the drill section, the older students might be given something more challenging to work on, too, but it was still a group activity.

First though, Jozua was going to present his idea for their part in the concert, and hope it was popular because he wasn't sure what else they might contribute. “For the concert, I was thinking we could do a bit of an exhibition. I’d like four volunteers to agree to do two demo bouts, probably scripted in advance just so we can put on a good show, and I’ll narrate what's happening so the audience understands what they're watching. We’ll work out the choreography once I have the volunteers decided so we know what skill level we can use. Are there any questions, concerns, or volunteers for that idea?”

Once the concert discussion was settled, he nodded toward Professor Nash. “Professor?” he invited, stepping down to join the rest of the group along the one side of the arena for the first of the drills.

They advanced as a group, practicing footwork and spells for shields and deflections, then Nash called for everyone to line up for bouting.

“Can I have my four volunteers over here for just a few minutes,” Jozua called out, “we need to start planning our presentation, then we can take our turns in the arena in just a little while.”

OOC: If you want to volunteer, put your name (just your name) under the volunteer subthread as a sign-up: first four names are in; and we’ll have a short conversation thread once I know who's participating.

For actual posts, just reply to the main post for bouting and the initial concert discussion. Put your grade level in your title, write your opening attack, and someone else of your skill will hopefully reply (volunteers should bout, too). You have permission to have Daniel Nash start the match with the dialogue ‘On guard. Begin!’ Please remember that there is no dark magic permitted in a club duel.

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