....Well, that was a stretch.
Fri Jun 23, 2017 22:22

“Inferior?” Sammy laughed. “Yeah, okay. That’s why you hopped the border down here to come to school. But don’t worry, I’ll forgive you since you’re agreeing to play with me anyway.” She was not entirely confident that he had the glove on all the way yet, but she tossed the ball at to him anyway. Fairly gently, she might add, although her standard of delicate ballplay was probably somewhat different than that of someone who was… less Sammy-y.

“And, for the record?” she added pointedly, “That’s not all I got.” That was very important. She didn’t want him to think her act of generosity - not beaming a baseball at his head from a close distance - was her maxed out strength. She backpedaled away from him to add a reasonable space between them. “Next one won’t be so gentle,” she smirked.

The Pecari raised her arms, pounding her glove with her other hand. “But for there to be a next time, you’re gonna have to throw it back. Think you make it this far?” She honestly thought he could; she hadn’t gone all that far, plus he was a fellow Beater. The specific muscles used were probably different, but the overall arm strength thing sorta went together. Like batting and throwing in the sport she so loved (and now pushed on him like she had pushed it on Jax). The bat thing was the whole reason she’d picked up the position in Quidditch when she’d gotten to Sonora and learned about magical extracurriculars: it was the closest thing to baseball she could get. Now, of course, the ever-industrious Ben had started a sports club, which was also great and sometimes had actual baseball, even if it rotated with other athletic events. Still, making an unsuspecting Aladren play sportball with her was the icing on the cake.

  • John was not, the last he had noticed, one of the largest and (not that he was biased or anything) best countries in the world, but he still turned around when he heard Sammy Meeks’ voice call out... more
    • ....Well, that was a stretch. — Sammy, Fri Jun 23 22:22
      • “I appreciate the forgiveness, but it doesn't change the facts," retorted John. "I only hopped the border so I could protect my sister from your incompetent American charms researchers,” said John.... more
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