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I've heard Pecaris are supposed to be flexible.
Thu Jun 29, 2017 21:58

“I appreciate the forgiveness, but it doesn't change the facts," retorted John. "I only hopped the border so I could protect my sister from your incompetent American charms researchers,” said John. Whether or not Sammy would actually believe him was a mildly interesting question, but this was in fact partially true. He had not liked it when they’d had Schrödinger’s Julian – and supposed he technically had that again now, and didn’t like it this way, either.

He did not have much time to think about his sister, though, because Sammy was apparently not the sort to announce that a game was starting. Fair enough, he supposed, after he had insulted her country, though he filed the incident away as something to taunt her with at need – something about how the Americans had clearly lost all sense of good sportsmanship or gentility or something when they instituted their disorderly, illogical system of government.

He thought he might need to do so sooner rather than later, as he missed the baseball being thrown at him. He used his wand to summoning it back to him, not overly willing to turn his back on her long enough to retrieve it.

“Good,” he said, almost smiling, when she said that throw wasn’t as good as she got. He ignored her next jibe in favor of throwing the ball back at her fairly hard, if not absolutely as hard as he could have. He knew she was a good Beater, but that used a whole different set of muscles and skills, for the most part, than throwing and catching, so he wanted to get the measure of her before showing off the best he could do. Whatever that was. It had been years, really, since he’d played baseball or anything even vaguely resembling it or involving the item for which it was named. “About that best you’ve got, then?” he asked.

  • ....Well, that was a stretch. Sammy, Fri Jun 23 22:22
    “Inferior?” Sammy laughed. “Yeah, okay. That’s why you hopped the border down here to come to school. But don’t worry, I’ll forgive you since you’re agreeing to play with me anyway.” She was not... more
    • I've heard Pecaris are supposed to be flexible. — John, Thu Jun 29 21:58
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