And then..?
Tue Jul 11, 2017 23:19

Jemima watched Owen peeling his shirt off, smiling to herself. Once he joined her in the pool though, she lost some of the confidence she'd had in her head when picturing this scene. It was very easy to be cool and sexy in your own head, and considerably harder in real life, where there were consequences such as embarrassment if it went wrong. She knew Owen wouldn't really laugh at her or say anything unkind but she felt a bit unsure what to do or say - should she ask him whether he wanted to make out? That sounded kind of vulgar and gross. Should she just start kissing him? - and, whilst he wouldn't laugh or be mean, what if the whole thing just fell kind of flat?

"It's nice in here," she offered, trying to make a bit of conversation. "Doubly so with you here," she added. She put her arms around Owen's shoulders, rubbing nose to nose with him. Touching made it all feel easier. It was like there was this force that pulled her into him. Once that was turned on, it made a lot of other thought processes switch off, and the only thing registering was that force and how it made her want them to melt together completely.

"I always feel like we have to mind our manners in the common room. But here, it's just us, " she pointed out before leaning in to kiss him. And where they might normally have politely broken off, she continued. She could tell that this was going to be addictive. There more she kissed him, the more she wanted to.

Owen had never had any reason to doubt that Jemima loved him, or that she regarded him as good looking. However, those things weren't exactly the same as desiring someone. Now though, her arms were wrapped round his neck, and every kiss becoming deeper and more passionate.

  • You don't have to ask me twiceOwen Brockert, Wed Jun 21 23:28
    Owen was very excited for his date with Jemima. Not that he didn't see her every day and spend time with her everywhere he could. Lingering in the common room every night and taking classes together... more
    • And then..? — Jemima, Tue Jul 11 23:19
      • Then we keep doing this!Owen, Tue Jul 18 19:01
        "Yes, it is." Owen agreed. He blushed when Jemima said it was doubly so with him there. "And same. Of course having you with me makes any place better, even unpleasant ones such as the hospital wing... more
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