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Then we keep doing this!
Tue Jul 18, 2017 19:01

"Yes, it is." Owen agreed. He blushed when Jemima said it was doubly so with him there. "And same. Of course having you with me makes any place better, even unpleasant ones such as the hospital wing or Defense. Before we dropped it, I mean." That was what made summer so awful. Midterm too. Owen wasn't with Jemima as much.

He didn't quite understand what she meant by "minding their manners" in the common room. For Owen, it was the most comfortable place in the whole school. He felt he could relax some there, not worry about what was proper like at parties or around Jemima's family or even at meal time. Teppenpaw was like a second family to him.

Then she began to kiss him and Owen understood. He understood, but he no longer cared. Not about minding manners or anything else. Nothing but himself and Jemima and kissing. Kissing that was unlike anything else they'd done before. Kissing he'd imagined them doing when he was alone in bed at night, under the covers.

He imagined them going further too and right now, he had to admit that he really really wanted to just that. But that was not an appropriate thing to do at this moment-they weren't even engaged or betrothed- and in this location. Also, he had no way to prevent babies potentially happening. So he'd have to just be satisfied with kissing.

And he was, he really really was,even with all those other thoughts in his head.

  • And then..?Jemima, Tue Jul 11 23:19
    Jemima watched Owen peeling his shirt off, smiling to herself. Once he joined her in the pool though, she lost some of the confidence she'd had in her head when picturing this scene. It was very easy ... more
    • Then we keep doing this! — Owen, Tue Jul 18 19:01
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