Tossed on waves of woe (tag Jehan)
Wed Oct 25, 2017 05:47

On the last Sunday of term, the MARS music room took on a now-familiar appearance for Dorian. There was a comfortable two seater settee upholstered in green, with a high back perfect for sinking into. Next to this stood a record player, atop a neat wooden unit into which it fitted exactly. The small door of the unit was painted in a similar shade of green to the sofa, and opened to reveal that day’s choice of records, always well suited to their desires or moods. Beyond this there was little in the room, because there was little that they needed beyond good music and good company. Only to save it being entirely stark and bare, the furniture rested on a large rug, with swirling blues, yellows and greens, and this was echoed in a piece of art that hung opposite the sofa where abstract shapes in the first two colours flowed in from either side, exploding into green as they met in the middle and fused together. Today, in a nod to the season that was soon to be upon them, the record player was edged with tinsel and a tree stood at the other end of the settee. There was one very flat square parcel underneath it, wrapped neatly in gold with red ribbons.

“Salut,” Dorian greeted with a smile, giving Jehan a warm hug. He lingered for a second longer than usual holding on to Jehan, his elation at seeing him giving way to a small sigh as they broke apart. “At the end of the week, it is time to go home…” he stated sadly. “It will be very good to see again my sister, and my parents…” his tone strongly implied that there was a ‘but’ there. Jehan was well aware that there was a fifth member of Dorian’s family who had not been mentioned in the list of people it would be nice to see, and that there were good reasons why not. Matthieu’s lack of understanding, his teasing, his goading of Dorian had been covered. Although it wasn’t just the fact of not wanting to see Matthieu. There were factors that made him actively want to still be at Sonora, not just ones that made him not want to go home…

“It make me feel… coupable,” he sighed, moving across to the settee and flopping down. “That I do not, with all my heart, wish to go home and see my family. This is how a person is supposed to feel, especially for Christmas. But the Meathead is so provoquant. And I miss you.”

    • It's ok, you'll never drown aloneJehan, Wed Nov 1 15:04
      Jehan and Dorian’s times together in their own special version of the MARS music room were always Jehan’s favourite part of every week. A little haven of sorts, here they were able to relax and share ... more
      • It’s not your fault. It was simple, but reassuring. He had always felt that Matthieu was the rotten egg of the family, even though on paper he was in some ways so much better… He was the exact... more
        • A little death each time we partJehan, Fri Dec 8 10:42
          Dorian seemed reassured by the thought of floo calls, which further strengthened Jehan’s resolve to brave his father’s study. After all, his father couldn’t object to Jehan calling a Montoir (not... more
          • Perhaps when we're together too...Dorian, Mon Dec 11 00:08
            “Maybe,” Dorian agreed, “At least, we go to some party, and there he cannot be so horrible ,” he explained, his accent sliding further into French on the last word. Sometimes, the words that were... more
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