It's ok, you'll never drown alone
Wed Nov 1, 2017 15:04

Jehan and Dorianís times together in their own special version of the MARS music room were always Jehanís favourite part of every week. A little haven of sorts, here they were able to relax and share all their thoughts, poems, musicÖeverything that no one else quite understood. Jehan had never experienced this before, having a friend who didnít think he was too fanciful. Victor was never one to be mean to his brother, but he just didnít get Jehan in the way that Dorian seemed to.

Jehan fingered a certain little package in his pocket as he walked in, putting aside the slight nervousness it gave him in favour of returning Dorianís hug. Jehan liked hugs, and Dorianís in particular. If he ever had to describe home, he wouldnít define it as a particular place (and especially not the Callahan house), but rather hugs with certain people. Hugs made him happy. But for once, that didnít seem to be true for Dorian. The other boy sighed a little, and looked rather downcast.

The reason for this was quickly given, and it brought Jehan down from his cloud of happiness. He knew that Dorianís relationship with his brother wasnít so good. The things heíd heard about Matthieu, vague as they had been, made Jehan want to go against his often-gentle nature and give Dorianís brother a solid punch to the face, at the very least.

Dorianís sadness made Jehanís heart go out to his friend and, joining him on the sofa, Jehan half draped himself over Dorian in another hug. ďItís not your fault. And at least the holidays arenít forever and ever, mon ami,Ē he pointed out, slightly picking up on Dorianís use of the odd French word. ďNot like before we came to Sonora. And Iíll owl you every day, and maybe we can even do fire calls, although Iíd have to go in my fatherís office for that, if heíll let me.Ē Jehan hated going in his fatherís office, but it was an easy sacrifice to make in order to talk to Dorian.

He frowned, hating the thought of their impending separation, and buried his face in Dorianís shoulder. Sonora contained both Victor and Dorian, so he could happily stay here forever. He was sure his parents would prefer that too.

ďLetís just stay right here,Ē he suggested, his voice muffled by the position he was in.

  • Tossed on waves of woe (tag Jehan)Dorian, Wed Oct 25 05:47
    On the last Sunday of term, the MARS music room took on a now-familiar appearance for Dorian. There was a comfortable two seater settee upholstered in green, with a high back perfect for sinking... more
    • It's ok, you'll never drown alone — Jehan, Wed Nov 1 15:04
      • Itís not your fault. It was simple, but reassuring. He had always felt that Matthieu was the rotten egg of the family, even though on paper he was in some ways so much betterÖ He was the exact... more
        • A little death each time we partJehan, Fri Dec 8 10:42
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            ďMaybe,Ē Dorian agreed, ďAt least, we go to some party, and there he cannot be so horrible ,Ē he explained, his accent sliding further into French on the last word. Sometimes, the words that were... more
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