To die by your side is such a heavenly way to die
Sat Nov 4, 2017 08:27

It’s not your fault.

It was simple, but reassuring. He had always felt that Matthieu was the rotten egg of the family, even though on paper he was in some ways so much better… He was the exact fulfilment of a strong, Pureblood boy, the perfect heir with the perfect ideals. Matthieu’s violent temper was, of course, a failing, but that was something that was directed primarily towards Dorian, for his failings. It was nice to have Jehan’s reassurance that it was Matthieu that was the problem.

“That will help,” he nodded, as Jehan assured him that they could write every day and even talk by floo. He had not exactly doubted the effort Jehan would make but it was still soothing to hear it, and think about that. Jehan holding him and using smatterings of French were also welcome, although they underlined his sense that this was in some ways so much home to him now, which was, in some ways, the problem. He wanted to look forward to going home, his biological home, more than he really did. He tried to think of it positively though… How nice to have two homes. To miss and be missed wherever you were. Apart from the looming spectre of Matthieu, that definitely held true.

“There will be many time when Matthieu go out. Maybe for party, maybe because he just crazy enough to practise Quidditch even in winter. So then I have the perfect scene… My family, the hot chocolate, and the fire, avec ta tête dedans,” he smiled.

Of course, Jehan had another solution as well. As his friend lay his head against Dorian’s shoulder, he wanted to reach up and stroke his hair but was prevented by the fact of Jehan’s weight already being against his arm. He didn’t want to disturb Jehan by rearranging himself or make his friend think he was shrugging him off. He settled for resting his own head on the other boy’s instead.

“Ok,” he agreed, a smile playing about his lips, “Perhaps we become one of your tragic stories, yes?” he teased, “The two boy who starve to death because they rather to have beautiful music and beautiful company than to face the cruelty of the world. C'est très poétique, mon camarade.”

  • It's ok, you'll never drown aloneJehan, Wed Nov 1 15:04
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    • To die by your side is such a heavenly way to die — Dorian, Sat Nov 4 08:27
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        • Perhaps when we're together too...Dorian, Mon Dec 11 00:08
          “Maybe,” Dorian agreed, “At least, we go to some party, and there he cannot be so horrible ,” he explained, his accent sliding further into French on the last word. Sometimes, the words that were... more
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