Ginger Pierce & her Eastern Cousins
Surprise! A Pierce family reunion.
Thu Nov 16, 2017 17:00

Ginger was there first. She was kind of the instigator here, so that was only fitting. Well, ‘kind of’ was misleading. She was absolutely the instigator. She was also an impersonator because, frankly, she didn’t think her guests would have answered her summons if they’d known who sent them. Well, that wasn’t true either. Ben would have, she thought. Ben had no quarrel with her or her family. So she could have probably just sent out an owl saying, ‘Hey, Ben, I’m graduating this year and I’m kind of bummed I never really got to meet my eastern cousins while we’re all together here at Sonora. Wanna meet me in the MARS water room to say hi? -Your California Cousin, Ginger’ and he would have shown up and it would have been fine. Maybe she’d try that later, if this blew up in her face as badly as she thought it was going to.

But she didn’t do that because she wanted to meet both of her Eastern cousins. Unfortunately, Winston was from the New Hampshire branch and from what she’d seen of the third year, he seemed the type to pretend she didn’t exist, and was likely to respond even worse to Ben being invited. So subterfuge had been necessary.

Instead the owls had read rather differently. “Greetings, you are cordially invited to a surprise birthday party for Ingrid Wolseithcrafte. Please arrive in the MARS water room before 3pm on Sunday.” Ingrid’s birthday would not actually occur for another month or so, but she doubted the other Pierces knew that. She was perfect for this, though, because Ingrid was a respected pureblood and currently a Quidditch teammate who Winston would not want to slight by declining to attend her birthday party. Ben was her Housemate and a contender to be her Assistant Captain next year if Pecari managed a full team again next year. So he wouldn’t miss it either. Even if he realized the date was wrong (she pegged Ben as moderately more likely to know than Winston given their Pecari Quidditch team association and relative closeness in age), she figured he’d just assume it would be a better surprise if it was further removed from her actual birthdate.

The bigger risk was either of them talking to other people about the ‘party’ but she hoped ‘surprise party’ would keep loose lips from flapping too much.

Finally the day arrived. They were expecting a party, so she didn’t disappoint. There was cake and streamers hanging off a park pavilion and a pretty woodland pond nearby. An artsy banner she’d made read “Happy Surprise Pierce Reunion!”

Ben was the first guest to arrive and he looked surprised at first, but then he laughed and gave her a high five and all was cool with him. “Oh, man, you really got me,” he grinned. “I totally probably weirded Ingrid out because I’m awful at secrets. Is it even her birthday?” he hefted a gift wrapped package. “I got her a present.”

“May, I think,” Ginger grinned back. “You can give it to her then.”

“Oh, man,” he whacked himself in the forehead. “I knew that. I’m an idiot.”

He put the present down next to the cake and they chatted a few minutes before the door opened again and Winston walked in, just two minutes before three.

Expectedly, his reaction was rather less easy going. He came to sudden and complete stop, staring at the banner. Ginger smiled encouragingly at him. “Hi,” she said, cautiously. “Surprise?”

OOC: Ingrid’s birthday roughly approximated by her author.

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