Winston Pierce and his Disreputable Cousins
Not my best light
Tue Nov 21, 2017 13:41

When Winston received the invitation to Ingrid’s surprise birthday party, he had considered declining it. He assumed he had rated an invitation solely because he was a reserve on the Crotalus-Pecari combined Quidditch team, and so had asked Simon if he was going.

Simon had not received an invitation.

Winston had not known what to make of that. He partly felt embarrassed for making Simon aware there was a party he wasn’t privy to. He partly felt elated that he somehow merited an invitation when Simon did not. He partly felt confused about that as well because while the Mordues had had a questionable disappearance of one of their family members more recently than the Pierces had, the Pierces had had bigger issues surrounding their vanished members and much louder rumblings of disownment, which he thought probably ought to put them on about even footing there.

But mostly he felt obligated to go, if he’d been exclusively selected over people actually playing first string on the team. So he found a small gift (just a simple charm necklace in the shape of an I for Ingrid, since he didn’t know her very well) and arrived shortly before three (but not much earlier because he was still a bit uncertain about how he came to be invited when Simon had not and he didn’t want to come across as overeager to prove himself or anything).

So when he entered the MARS water room and discovered he had been tricked by his disreputable cousins who he’d prefer didn’t exist at all and certainly not attend the same institution of learning as he did himself (nevermind that they were both older and had therefore been attending Sonora first), he found himself reacting . . . poorly . . . to the situation.

Firstly, his mouth was hanging open in shock. (‘Never show weakness to inferiors,’ his father’s voice reprimanded him in his head.) Secondly, his wand was in his hand and pointing at the mixed-blood-traitors who had the gall to share his name, and in one of their cases, a large number of physical features. (‘Never point your wand at another person unless you are prepared to duel them.’ The basic law of wand safety came to him in the former Professor Pye’s voice.)

Thirdly, a wild rage was building up inside of him. He was maintaining his control over that at least. Or he was, until The Californian spoke.

“Surprise?” he repeated, incensed. “Surprise? This is an ambush, and you, you are a, a lying liar!” he spat out, too angry to be eloquent or clever in his insults. He assumed her to be the force behind this. She’d spoken first. The banner looked too polished to have been made by the Boston neanderthal. And she was descended from a family of crooks and criminals; this kind of underhanded machination could only come from The Californian. Boston wasn’t bright enough for that.

“Oh, calm down, it was all in good fun,” Boston chimed in and Winston’s wavering control snapped.

His wand homed in on the new target and he cast, “Immobulus!”

Faster than he expected, Boston had his own wand out and was casting, “Protego!” Winston’s freezing charm bounced off the fifth year’s shield charm. The Californian had her wand out by now, too, but she was a Teppenpaw and was just yelling at them both to put their wands away.

“He started it!” Boston protested. “I just defended myself!”

“Well put it away now! You, too, Winston! See, I’m putting mine away. This is a friendly family party.”

“I am not your family,” Winston bit out harshly, pointedly not putting away his wand. “You are descended from the by blows of whores and criminals. You are nothing to me. And you,” he turned and glowered at Boston. “You’re born of the dead. You shouldn’t exist.”

With that he turned on his heel and left.

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