Ben Pierce and his nicer cousin
Salvaging the cake
Tue Dec 5, 2017 16:56

Ben spent the week between the invitation and Ingrid’s surprise party trying not to give it away to Ingrid that she had a party coming up. He was pretty sure she caught him grinning at her like a fool a couple times, and he stumbled over his words to her a few other tomes as he realized just-in-time that something he’d been about to say might give away something, but he’d made it through the week without giving anything away.

As it turned out though, the surprise wasn’t on Ingrid. (She would probably think he’d gone briefly mad after his odd behavior this past week and then nothing coming of it.) Still it was pretty cool. There was cake, and Ben was always down for a party, and Gramelia did ask after Ginger and Winston sometimes, so it would be great to finally have something to tell her about them besides what positions they played in Quidditch.

He totally should have thought of doing this himself.

Unfortunately, he remembered why he hadn’t when Winston showed up. The Pierce branches had bad blood between them. For California, it was over a century passed, so he guessed he could see how Ginger thought she could mend fences, but it was still less than two decades fresh between his own branch and Winston’s. The Boston Pierces had nothing against California, so there was no animosity between Ben and Ginger, but . . . Winston was clearly another story.

Ben winced as the younger boy defamed her whole family and deemed them all as worth less than dirt. Then the Crotalus turned on him. The words were short but cutting. Ben redrew the wand he had put away at Ginger’s insistence. He made sure the door was already mostly closed before he loosed a stinging hex at his departing ‘cousin’ - he didn’t want to get in trouble by letting it actually connect, but it felt satisfying to loose it after the kid.

After another moment, Ben realized Ginger was crying.

“Oh crap,” he muttered, wishing one of her friends was their to handle the job of comforting the girl but there was just him. Feeling very awkward because they were two years apart in age and in different Houses, so despite sharing the same last name and perhaps some genes, they were virtually strangers. Still, he wrapped an arm around her and said, “He’s not worth your tears, cuz. You did a super nice thing and if he doesn’t appreciate it, that’s his problem not yours. Come. Let’s eat cake!”

And she smiled at him, a bit tearfully, admittedly, but she was smiling and nodding, and she agreed, “Let’s eat cake, cousin.”

Ben grinned back. “Great! I love cake! You’re the best cousin ever! ‘Course, the only competition you got still eats crayons, so . . .”

“Oh?” she asked, genuinely interested, and fully distracted, success! “You have another cousin in Boston?”

“Yeah, his name’s Cole and he’s almost two.”

“I have a little cousin, too. His name’s Lennon. . .”

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