Louis Valois
Thinking of the future [Orchestra rehearsal!]
Fri Dec 8, 2017 10:19

One of the best things about term time at Sonora was orchestra, and Louis was so glad he’d decided to start his club. He always put a lot of time into running the orchestra outside of the rehearsals, whether that was looking for and transcribing music, practising his own skills, or playing with others. There was a lot of enjoyment to be had in making music with a group of friends, and Louis hoped the orchestra members got as much enjoyment out of the club as he did.

Recently, not all of his orchestra planning had been solely with this term in mind. Next year would be Louis’s last at Sonora, and he didn’t want the orchestra to leave with him. However, it wasn’t just a case of handing the club over to any keen person at the end of his final year. Running the orchestra was far more complex than that. It involved careful selection of pieces, an understanding of how to keep everyone involved, and a knowledge of conducting. Still, having put some thought into this, he’d decided on a handover method that he wanted to start as soon as possible.

“Hi everyone, hopefully you’re ready for another rehearsal,” he greeted the other members as they settled down. “Before we start today, I want to pitch an idea to you all. I only have one year left at Sonora, so my plan is to start getting anyone interested in taking over more involved in the running of the orchestra. If you think you’d like to run the club, the plan is for you to work with me for the rest of this term, helping me with the pieces and starting do to a bit of conducting, if you feel up to that. Then, next year, we can run the club together, and hopefully that means Sonora’s orchestra will continue without me!”

He smiled at them all, hoping that at least one person would be enthusiastic about the idea. Obviously the more the merrier – it was always good to have a few conductors, and if there were too many people wanting to run the club, they could always vote on it.

“If you’d like to sign up for that, or just want to see what it would be like, please come and talk to me at the end of today’s practice. No knowledge of conducting or anything is required, just enthusiasm for keeping the orchestra going, and a willingness to learn!”

OOC: Please, someone, volunteer! It'd be great if we could continue the orchestra after Louis leaves without having to get a professor involved!

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