A little death each time we part
Fri Dec 8, 2017 10:42

Dorian seemed reassured by the thought of floo calls, which further strengthened Jehan’s resolve to brave his father’s study. After all, his father couldn’t object to Jehan calling a Montoir (not that Jehan cared what his father thought really), and talking to Dorian would be worth all the bad memories of that room. In a way, it would be an act of defiance – Liam Callahan wouldn’t approve of their friendship if he knew it was founded on all the things he disliked about his son.

“Maybe Matthieu will go out all the time,” he suggested, knowing it was impossible but wishing that, for his friend’s sake, it would come true. “Maybe he’ll fall into a snowdrift and remain there, trapped by a unicorn, until he repents and agrees to serve you on bended knee for the rest of your life.” His mind drifted away, vaguely wondering if it would be possible to create such a spell. It would make the world a much nicer place if a spell like that did exist.

Jehan smiled wistfully at Dorian’s suggestion. “That would be so beautiful,” he sighed. “I don’t want you to die, but think – it would be so heartbreaking, and you wouldn’t have to leave me.”

Dorian’s mention of the word poetic reminded Jehan of something. “Oh! I made you a present!” he exclaimed, blushing slightly and twisting so he could remove the small package from his pocket. He was a little nervous about this. It was quite a personal present, although quite inspired (or so he thought), and he really hoped that Dorian would like it. He’d been agonising for ages over what would be a good enough present for his best friend, until he’d finally hit on it as he was falling asleep one evening. Jehan had spent several hours painstakingly using his finest (and hopefully not too wobbly) calligraphy to copy out his favourite poems into a pretty little notebook that he’d been saving for Something Important. Some of them Dorian already knew, and all of them had been selected with great care and consideration.

“Merry Christmas,” he solemnly wished the other boy, holding out the carefully wrapped present. “Someday I’ll actually be able to give you your present on Christmas Day, but for now you can choose when you open it.”

  • It’s not your fault. It was simple, but reassuring. He had always felt that Matthieu was the rotten egg of the family, even though on paper he was in some ways so much better… He was the exact... more
    • A little death each time we part — Jehan, Fri Dec 8 10:42
      • Perhaps when we're together too...Dorian, Mon Dec 11 00:08
        “Maybe,” Dorian agreed, “At least, we go to some party, and there he cannot be so horrible ,” he explained, his accent sliding further into French on the last word. Sometimes, the words that were... more
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