Louis Valois
Well I'm not letting you off this time
Sat Dec 9, 2017 10:11

Louis was in a good mood that morning. He’d received his fortnightly summary of his business, and all seemed to be going well. There were a few important decisions to be made, but those could wait until he was home, and his grandmother was keeping the company going in the new direction. Louis had been a little concerned that his uncle would try and sabotage the new, less traditional, plans, but Claudette Valois was too sharp to let that happen.

Dressed in a pair of olive chinos, a white t-shirt and a light black blazer, its sleeves rolled up to his elbows, he cut a casually-dressed figure as he arrived at the MARS room for a spot of piano practice. He was fairly ahead on his schoolwork, adding to his sense of a nice relaxed morning.

About to enter the music room, he paused as he heard interesting sounds coming from another room. Curiosity won out, and he decided to see what was going on, laughing in disbelief as he saw the occupant. It was, of course, Ingrid. And she was practising the spell that had led to their last encounter.

Smirking, Louis raised an eyebrow at her comment. “I looked far better than any drowned rat, and you know it,” he retorted, losing his relaxed feeling as the adrenaline started rushed through him at the thought of a competition – or, maybe, just at the thought of Ingrid. There was something about her, and, whilst he couldn’t quite put his finger on why he let her get to him, she both attracted and infuriated him. Add to that her clothing today – far more form-fitting and revealing than her usual robes – and there was no way he could walk away from her challenge.

“You’re on,” he agreed, taking off his blazer and hanging it out of harm’s way. He was fairly sure he’d mastered this spell by now, but didn’t want his blazer to suffer if he did, for any reason, lose some of his control.

Wand in hand, he turned to grin confidently at her. “You count us in,” he offered, ever the gentleman.

  • Letting off steam (tag Louis)Ingrid Wolseithcrafte, Fri Dec 8 04:48
    Bam! Ingrid knocked down one of the targets with a jet of water from her wand. Sixth year was weird. They had their first set of advanced exams to pass at the end of the year, and those seemed like... more
    • Well I'm not letting you off this time — Louis Valois, Sat Dec 9 10:11
      • The front two rows will get wetIngrid, Wed Dec 13 10:37
        “Merlin, is that doorway big enough to fit your ego through?” Ingrid countered, when Louis said he’d looked good, and that she knew it. The comeback was only slightly undermined by the fact that she... more
        • I wasn't aware we had an audience...Louis, Wed Dec 20 13:17
          Louis noted with amusement that, despite her efforts at keeping up the banter, he had still managed to make Ingrid blush. He knew he looked good, and it was nice to have recognition of that in some,... more
          • Probably best if we don'tIngrid, Thu Jan 4 08:45
            Ingrid’s dogwood wand was responding well to the challenge. It had a strong sense of fun, and responded best when its owner was enjoying herself. And she couldn’t deny that she was - besides anything ... more
            • Louis smirked at Ingrid as she accused him of deliberately spraying water on them. “I don’t know what you mean,” he protested, although allowing amusement and a hint of challenge to seep into his... more
              • That you amuse meIngrid, Thu Jan 4 17:42
                “I didn’t come here to study,” Ingrid pointed out. Although she hadn’t exactly had this scenario in mind when she entered the room... It felt like all her senses were heightened… She couldn’t help... more
                • I do more than that, I'll betLouis, Fri Jan 5 12:35
                  Louis couldn’t help thinking that it was a good thing Ingrid hadn’t intended to study, as he doubted their professors would approve of this as revision. But he quickly thrust that thought from his... more
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