Perhaps when we're together too...
Mon Dec 11, 2017 00:08

“Maybe,” Dorian agreed, “At least, we go to some party, and there he cannot be so horrible,” he explained, his accent sliding further into French on the last word. Sometimes, the words that were most similar were hardest to say. “He must be on good behaviour.” He grinned further at Jehan’s idea of Matthieu becoming trapped by righteous unicorn. “La licorne de la droiture,” he mused, “Perhaps we can learn how to bring him. Normally, the unicorn like people qui sont purs des coeurs. C’est nous, non? he grinned.

He nodded along with Jehan’s analysis of them dying side by side in MARS.

“They say the music room, it has haunted,” he mused, his mind following along the flight of fancy, “And on the last day of term, you can hear the sound of sadness, and some small piece of show tune.” .

His attention was brought back to the present by… well, quite literally it was brought back to the present. The small wrapped one that Jehan was handing him. He half clocked the verb ‘made.’ He thought that implied that Jehan had done the present himself, but he wasn’t sure. There were lots of things were he used ‘faire’ in French but there was a different word in English, and so perhaps the same was true the other way too…

“Here with you,” he answered without hesitation. One of the best parts about giving a gift was seeing the other person’s reaction, and he didn’t want to take that away from Jehan. He also had a feeling that whatever Jehan had made him would not be very safe to open in front of Matthieu. With shaking fingers he unwrapped the small parcel, unveiling the delicate notebook inside.

“Merci, it is very beuatiful,” he thanked Jehan. He picked it up, planning the riffle through the pages, in that satisfying way that one could, catching the drifting scent of clean parchment from the new book. As he did so, he realised how much more was contained in the gift. “Oh, Jehan,” was all he managed, his breath catching as he saw what his friend had done. He gently traced the words with his fingertip, transfixed for a second.

“You do this?” he queried, staring at Jehan. “I… It is perfect,” he took Jehan’s hand and squeezed it. It seemed such a small gesture for such a wonderful thing, but it fitted. Sometimes something small and quiet could express much more.

“I… I get you something too. But I do not do by myself,” he admitted. With a little effort, he levitated the parcel over from under the tree. It was a bit awkward to do so, and it may have been less effort to simply go and pick it up, but he was too comfortable where he was, with the reassuring feeling of Jehan’s warmth beside him.

“Joyeux Noël,” he wished him, handing over the flat, square parcel which contained a copy of the ‘Melodie’ soundtrack.

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