Raine Collindale
I am not sure how to do this... (tag Joe)
Tue Dec 12, 2017 23:41

Midterm had been a blissful break in forgetting the existence of the CATS. She hadn’t seen Dallas again, and for a while that had hurt. In some ways it did still. But at least on New Year’s Eve, she’d been able to have some fun with someone else. There was nothing quite like boys to provide pleasant distraction, followed by mind calming bliss. Now that she’d got some way over her fixation on One Particular Boy, she saw Sonora with fresh eyes. Sure, there weren’t that many possibilities. A lot of the guys were too stuck up to get with her (for all that she was rapidly separating romance from other parts of relationships, she found it hard to imagine that someone could be physically attracted to her whilst disliking her as a person), and Ben was already with Tess. But there was Joe.

Joe was a nice person, they got on well, and he was far from unattractive. She didn’t think they had much potential for a serious relationship - she could never imagine Joe being willing to introduce someone as stupid as her to his high flying family even as a friend, much less a girlfriend - but that didn’t mean they couldn’t fool around and release some tension together. In fact, her utter unsuitability as a serious girlfriend was sort of a relief. She didn’t want anything like that, and she didn’t want Joe to think that she did and be hurt. But the idea was so ridiculous, he was sure to see it for what it was - a couple of friends just having some fun.

The only trouble with this plan was, in spite of her past experiences, Raine had absolutely zero idea how one went about seducing a guy. They had both come to her, fuelled by seeing her flexibility or by alcohol. One of those things was more readily available than the other at school, and - little as she tried to think of it - she knew it had worked on Ben too. Thus, she had casually dropped the idea to Joe that he should swing by after she finished her circus workout, so that they could hang out for a bit.

She genuinely had worked out for an hour. She could ill afford to skimp on the circus training. Just before Joe was due to arrive, she freshened up with a few charms. Dallas had said that it wasn’t necessarily unappealing seeing her glistening with sweat, but she was fairly sure he was just weird and that it was as entirely gross as she thought it was. Whereas, when Ben attended their training sessions, she tried her best to cover up (as much as one could when exercising), she had taken the opposite care for Joe… Her legs were clad in vibrant psychedelic leggings, her top half sported a tight fitting black crop top. Her wild brown hair was swept up in a bun. She had decided that make up was going too far, and would be too suspicious.

When she heard a knock, she called ‘Come in,’ whilst dropping into front splits with a back bend.

“Hi,” she smiled at Joe as she straightened her body up, her legs remaining in position. “How’s it going?”

    • I am rapidly questioning things I thought I knew.Joe Umland, Wed Dec 13 21:41
      Logically (Joe would have thought if he had, in the moment, really had much of a connection with his higher brain functions), it followed that if Raine was having circus practice in the sports room... more
      • Is that a good thing?Raine, Tue Dec 19 14:23
        Raine did not recognise Joe’s moment of difficulty with the English language for what it was. Whilst she had reduced Ben to stuttering distraction a few times, she hadn’t known at the time what it... more
        • Jury's still out.Joe, Wed Dec 20 23:48
          It was obvious, Joe thought as Raine moved from one kind of split to another, that Raine really knew what she was doing with this. He, who actually felt weird on the rare occasions he didn’t have a... more
          • Oh. I see... Um...Raine, Sat Dec 23 15:09
            “Thank you,” Raine smiled, as Joe mentioned how it was cool that she could do all this. That was definitely a step in the right direction, and even Raine couldn’t miss Joe telling her she looked... more
            • ...Er, yeah, that’s all very...ah....Joe, Thu Dec 28 13:59
              Before today, Joe had thought he had known what an awkward situation was. As a brief silence developed after Raine thanked him for his botched attempt at a compliment, though, he realized that no,... more
              • So...Raine, Thu Jan 4 12:51
                “Oh,” Raine responded to Joe’s ramble about not relaxing, trying not to sound too disappointed. She took his response to be an indication that he wasn’t interested in engaging in “relaxation” with... more
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