Joe Umland
I am rapidly questioning things I thought I knew.
Wed Dec 13, 2017 21:41

Logically (Joe would have thought if he had, in the moment, really had much of a connection with his higher brain functions), it followed that if Raine was having circus practice in the sports room at seven and then wanted to meet there at eight, she would not bother running back to the dorms to change. Therefore, it should not have been a surprise to find her…somewhat less modestly garbed than they generally were in classes. Circuses were not institutions Joe was highly familiar with, not least because they were an entertainment which cost money to attend, but he knew that acrobats in them did not generally wear robes and long skirts and stuff like that. In fact, doing so would be downright dangerous for someone performing acrobatic tricks, and he would not have wanted Raine to do that…if he’d thought about it beforehand.

Unfortunately, he had not thought about it beforehand, and he did not think of it on hand, either. Instead, most of his attention was busy being startled and intrigued by the sight of a not insignificant portion of Raine’s abdomen immediately upon entrance into the room.

Joe had realized he was not entirely indifferent to the existence of women in roles other that ‘mother’, ‘sister’, or ‘nun’ some time ago. Practically, however, this was not really a problem. The closest it had come to being a problem had involved temporary insanity on his part and he wished that the whole thing had never happened, because it was why there were now two people who knew he was highly susceptible to emotional blackmail and extortion of various kinds and it had been bad enough when only Julian had realized that about him. Now, he kind of wished he had spent more time devising a plan for how to handle it when it did become a practical problem, though, because he had very little context for how to deal with the sight of a not insignificant portion of Raine's torso.

Generally, Joe thought he had very little Catholic guilt. The way he figured it, Mom and John did enough praying for him and themselves both - Mom, admittedly, asked at least four separate saints a day to put in good words for John, but asked the same of a perfectly respectable two for Joe as well, so as long as he showed up at Mass more than twice a year, Joe figured he was all right. It turned out, however, that suddenly actually seeing normally-concealed bits of a girl was both interesting and something which apparently triggered memories of childhood lessons which suggested he ought to, right now, perform a Summoning Charm to wrench out his own eyes. That, however, was the sort of thing that tended to alarm normal people and make them doubt his mental health besides proving a lasting inconvenience, so he decided he would have to take his chances.

“Going? Oh, pretty good. Sorry, I didn’t mean to - er - interrupt your practice. I guess that’s going well?” he asked, hoping he sounded normal, when Raine returned to an upright position where her face was easier to focus on.

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    • I am rapidly questioning things I thought I knew. — Joe Umland, Wed Dec 13 21:41
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