I wasn't aware we had an audience...
Wed Dec 20, 2017 13:17

Louis noted with amusement that, despite her efforts at keeping up the banter, he had still managed to make Ingrid blush. He knew he looked good, and it was nice to have recognition of that in some, albeit uncontrollable, way. Plus, a flustered Ingrid was a cute Ingrid, and he also liked having the upper hand. Louis reckoned that he himself was rarely flustered.

And there definitely wasn’t time to be flustered now. Interesting undercurrents to their banter aside, he had a competition to win! Ingrid counted them in, and Louis focussed, determined to control the spell this time. Unfortunately for his concentration, he’d started with the target furthest away from her and, moving towards the centre, he found she’d done the same thing. They were now in each other’s way, and it didn’t seem like Ingrid was going to let that stop her.

He put an arm on her waist to steady himself as she jostled him (the double-benefits of stopping her progress and putting her off had, of course, nothing to do with his action…). “You’re getting in my way,” he muttered, mock-angrily and close to her ear. Letting off another spell, he allowed his control to slip slightly, lightly spraying them with water. You couldn’t blame him – Ingrid looked good with a fine spray on her skin!

  • The front two rows will get wetIngrid, Wed Dec 13 10:37
    “Merlin, is that doorway big enough to fit your ego through?” Ingrid countered, when Louis said he’d looked good, and that she knew it. The comeback was only slightly undermined by the fact that she... more
    • I wasn't aware we had an audience... — Louis, Wed Dec 20 13:17
      • Probably best if we don'tIngrid, Thu Jan 4 08:45
        Ingrid’s dogwood wand was responding well to the challenge. It had a strong sense of fun, and responded best when its owner was enjoying herself. And she couldn’t deny that she was - besides anything ... more
        • Louis smirked at Ingrid as she accused him of deliberately spraying water on them. “I don’t know what you mean,” he protested, although allowing amusement and a hint of challenge to seep into his... more
          • That you amuse meIngrid, Thu Jan 4 17:42
            “I didn’t come here to study,” Ingrid pointed out. Although she hadn’t exactly had this scenario in mind when she entered the room... It felt like all her senses were heightened… She couldn’t help... more
            • I do more than that, I'll betLouis, Fri Jan 5 12:35
              Louis couldn’t help thinking that it was a good thing Ingrid hadn’t intended to study, as he doubted their professors would approve of this as revision. But he quickly thrust that thought from his... more
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