Jury's still out.
Wed Dec 20, 2017 23:48

It was obvious, Joe thought as Raine moved from one kind of split to another, that Raine really knew what she was doing with this. He, who actually felt weird on the rare occasions he didn’t have a few knots in his shoulders, could not imagine moving that...fluidly...even if the prescribed range of motion was a normal one. Not anxious and yet in total control - that was...something. It didn’t even seem to occur to her that she could slip, let something loose that ought not be, and cause a disaster, either just by doing it or because she was distracting herself talking to him….

“You...are not wrong about that,” said Joe when Raine announced that she was very flexible.

It was odd, seeing Raine...confident like this, he guessed. Enough so that the thought she was deliberately, well, showing off not only her skill but her body only occurred to him briefly and made him feel like a terrible, awful, very bad person. Raine often seemed terrified of speaking, so she’d probably be completely horrified by the thought of someone ogling her. Even if she was currently very...ogleable. Surely she realized this? And he wasn’t actually doing anything wrong just by noticing this?

“It’s really cool that you can do that,” he said, remembering to say something nice instead of just dwelling on her torso and whether or not he was doing something wrong. That was poor form - thinking too much about oneself. Impolite. Shame on the national honour. “I’d need a wheelchair if I even tried that. You look good - I mean, good at that.”

  • Is that a good thing?Raine, Tue Dec 19 14:23
    Raine did not recognise Joe’s moment of difficulty with the English language for what it was. Whilst she had reduced Ben to stuttering distraction a few times, she hadn’t known at the time what it... more
    • Jury's still out. — Joe, Wed Dec 20 23:48
      • Oh. I see... Um...Raine, Sat Dec 23 15:09
        “Thank you,” Raine smiled, as Joe mentioned how it was cool that she could do all this. That was definitely a step in the right direction, and even Raine couldn’t miss Joe telling her she looked... more
        • ...Er, yeah, that’s all very...ah....Joe, Thu Dec 28 13:59
          Before today, Joe had thought he had known what an awkward situation was. As a brief silence developed after Raine thanked him for his botched attempt at a compliment, though, he realized that no,... more
          • So...Raine, Thu Jan 4 12:51
            “Oh,” Raine responded to Joe’s ramble about not relaxing, trying not to sound too disappointed. She took his response to be an indication that he wasn’t interested in engaging in “relaxation” with... more
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