Oh. I see... Um...
Sat Dec 23, 2017 15:09

“Thank you,” Raine smiled, as Joe mentioned how it was cool that she could do all this. That was definitely a step in the right direction, and even Raine couldn’t miss Joe telling her she looked good, even if he seemed to backtrack slightly afterwards. Bingo.

“Thanks,” she said again. She waited a moment, but Joe didn’t seem to be following that up in any way. She was used to that kind of comment being followed by some sort of suggestion that they got it on, but there didn’t seem to be one. Why wasn’t Joe making a move on her? Was she misreading his comment? But he’d said she looked good. She realised that a silence was developing.

“So…,” she mused, feeling slightly awkward at still holding her splits, but not sure whether she could continue pretending to not be done with her exercises after this pose, or how much pull she’d have on Joe if she wasn’t being all stretchy - she felt like she was getting somewhere but he didn’t seem as keen as other guys. “Here we both are. And we want to unwind before exams. And I’m very flexible. Got any ideas?” she hinted.

  • Jury's still out.Joe, Wed Dec 20 23:48
    It was obvious, Joe thought as Raine moved from one kind of split to another, that Raine really knew what she was doing with this. He, who actually felt weird on the rare occasions he didn’t have a... more
    • Oh. I see... Um... — Raine, Sat Dec 23 15:09
      • ...Er, yeah, that’s all very...ah....Joe, Thu Dec 28 13:59
        Before today, Joe had thought he had known what an awkward situation was. As a brief silence developed after Raine thanked him for his botched attempt at a compliment, though, he realized that no,... more
        • So...Raine, Thu Jan 4 12:51
          “Oh,” Raine responded to Joe’s ramble about not relaxing, trying not to sound too disappointed. She took his response to be an indication that he wasn’t interested in engaging in “relaxation” with... more
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