...Er, yeah, that’s all very...ah....
Thu Dec 28, 2017 13:59

Before today, Joe had thought he had known what an awkward situation was. As a brief silence developed after Raine thanked him for his botched attempt at a compliment, though, he realized that no, being in the same room as John and any woman other than their mother was not the absolute most awkward situation known to man. Pretty awkward, yes, there was no denying that, but not...this. He was seconds away from launching into nonsensical babbling - about what he didn’t know; maybe the room, maybe their last Charms lesson, anything - when Raine spoke first.

For one moment, he was almost relieved. Then he processed what she’d said and realized that she was, in fact, making it much, much worse.

“I - ah - eh - I - that’s - “ he ended with an incoherent sort of noise. This was accompanied by some rapid changes in complexion, which ended with him looking as though he had taken far too much sun very, very recently. “No, not really. Didn’t realize - unwinding - was, uh, a thing. I’m kind of used to being tense.” He realized he was babbling and that the very best he could hope for was passing it off as a rapid-onset virus. That was not the best last-ditch option he’d ever had and he was not crazy about the odds of his pulling it off successfully, either. “I’m Catholic - not enough you can tell,” he acknowledged, as he wasn’t sure Raine even knew this fact about him and that he didn’t just develop an inexplicable desire to try vegetarianism every Friday - “but enough to get all the, uh, guilt and stuff. So usually pretty tense.”

  • Oh. I see... Um...Raine, Sat Dec 23 15:09
    “Thank you,” Raine smiled, as Joe mentioned how it was cool that she could do all this. That was definitely a step in the right direction, and even Raine couldn’t miss Joe telling her she looked... more
    • ...Er, yeah, that’s all very...ah.... — Joe, Thu Dec 28 13:59
      • So...Raine, Thu Jan 4 12:51
        “Oh,” Raine responded to Joe’s ramble about not relaxing, trying not to sound too disappointed. She took his response to be an indication that he wasn’t interested in engaging in “relaxation” with... more
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