Probably best if we don't
Thu Jan 4, 2018 08:45

Ingrid’s dogwood wand was responding well to the challenge. It had a strong sense of fun, and responded best when its owner was enjoying herself. And she couldn’t deny that she was - besides anything else, her competitive streak was fully engaged, and she gave a triumphant little ‘ha’ as the next of her targets fell down.

Her aim faltered slightly when he placed his hand on her hip. She was unused to guys being physical with her outside the very restrained confines of a ballroom, or the rough, ready but utterly unamorous context of the Quidditch Pitch. She was surprised, but not necessarily displeased. The heat from his hand seemed to spread, tickling along her body with ideas, suggestion… She got a slight bump back to earth as a somewhat stronger spray fell over them.

“You did that on purpose,” she accused, grabbing his wand hand by the wrist to try to halt any further assaults on either the targets of her own person, and casting a finite incantatum to stop the water from both their wands. Left fingers around his right wrist, she pulled his arm down, so that it was no longer aiming at the targets. This also pulled them face to face.

“You made me wet,” she protested, although he was near enough that she kept her voice low and soft. She traced her wand down his chest, her green eyes boring into him. “Maybe I should do the same to you,” she suggested, a playful smile on her lips. It was fun, playing with him. There was a rush in her blood. Subconsciously, she drew herself closer, giving into the gravity that wanted to pull her closer into him, angling her hips so that she pressed against him.

  • I wasn't aware we had an audience...Louis, Wed Dec 20 13:17
    Louis noted with amusement that, despite her efforts at keeping up the banter, he had still managed to make Ingrid blush. He knew he looked good, and it was nice to have recognition of that in some,... more
    • Probably best if we don't — Ingrid, Thu Jan 4 08:45
      • Louis smirked at Ingrid as she accused him of deliberately spraying water on them. “I don’t know what you mean,” he protested, although allowing amusement and a hint of challenge to seep into his... more
        • That you amuse meIngrid, Thu Jan 4 17:42
          “I didn’t come here to study,” Ingrid pointed out. Although she hadn’t exactly had this scenario in mind when she entered the room... It felt like all her senses were heightened… She couldn’t help... more
          • I do more than that, I'll betLouis, Fri Jan 5 12:35
            Louis couldn’t help thinking that it was a good thing Ingrid hadn’t intended to study, as he doubted their professors would approve of this as revision. But he quickly thrust that thought from his... more
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