Thu Jan 4, 2018 12:51

“Oh,” Raine responded to Joe’s ramble about not relaxing, trying not to sound too disappointed. She took his response to be an indication that he wasn’t interested in engaging in “relaxation” with her. She was mildly confused - had she just imagined that he seemed, at the very least, curious about her body when he’d walked in - and also a bit embarrassed. The latter was easier to note, as a blush had spread across her cheeks. She brought her legs round to a much more natural angle and stood up, crossing her arms lightly across her exposed torso.

Part of her wanted to yell at Joe to just go away, if he was going to be like that, but she remembered snapping at him in herbology and that she’d felt bad about that, and it checked her tongue. Instead, she picked up a long, loose top which she had used to cover herself up on the way to MARS, and slipped in on. She tugged her hair out of its ponytail, feeling safer and more secure with it falling around her shoulders, free to be played with or hidden behind. The atmosphere had palpably changed.

“You don’t have to stay if you don’t want to,” she shrugged.

  • ...Er, yeah, that’s all very...ah....Joe, Thu Dec 28 13:59
    Before today, Joe had thought he had known what an awkward situation was. As a brief silence developed after Raine thanked him for his botched attempt at a compliment, though, he realized that no,... more
    • So... — Raine, Thu Jan 4 12:51
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