Why, Miss Wolseithcrafte, whatever are you suggesting?
Thu Jan 4, 2018 15:33

Louis smirked at Ingrid as she accused him of deliberately spraying water on them. “I don’t know what you mean,” he protested, although allowing amusement and a hint of challenge to seep into his voice, betraying his claim of innocence.

He let Ingrid manoeuvre his wand hand, letting his wand fall to the ground as she did so, and wondering if the resulting positioning was deliberate. Either way, he wasn’t concerned about being defenceless whilst so close to Ingrid. Worst case scenario, his wandless magic got a test. Best case scenario, he wouldn’t be needing his wand anytime soon.

And, oh. Well, either Ingrid wasn’t as innocent as he’d assumed, or she was unaware that she was getting out of her depth. Not that he was complaining – he’d never take advantage of anyone, but it was Ingrid herself who had moved into him, and who was coming up with somewhat suggestive lines.

“Mmm, maybe you should,” he agreed, raising an eyebrow and slipping his hand from her waist to the small of her back. “Be careful what you promise, though. Anyone might think you had something other than…academic pursuits in mind. And I’ve never been one to play by any rules.” As he spoke, he tilted his head down towards her, revelling in his height advantage, and pulled her slightly closer.

He didn’t press her further than that, wanting to see what she had in mind rather than ramping things up to a level she might not have intended. Games such as this might be considered normal in French society, but Louis knew that American purebloods didn’t always think in such a way. Given that Ingrid had previously been concerned about reputation, he didn’t want to assume anything. That being said, his hand was firm on her back, encouraging Ingrid to keep close to him.

OOC: I've assumed that Louis is at least slightly taller than Ingrid, as he's a bit taller than average and has the advantage of being male. Hope that's ok, ignore that line if not!

  • Probably best if we don'tIngrid, Thu Jan 4 08:45
    Ingrid’s dogwood wand was responding well to the challenge. It had a strong sense of fun, and responded best when its owner was enjoying herself. And she couldn’t deny that she was - besides anything ... more
    • Why, Miss Wolseithcrafte, whatever are you suggesting? — Louis, Thu Jan 4 15:33
      • That you amuse meIngrid, Thu Jan 4 17:42
        “I didn’t come here to study,” Ingrid pointed out. Although she hadn’t exactly had this scenario in mind when she entered the room... It felt like all her senses were heightened… She couldn’t help... more
        • I do more than that, I'll betLouis, Fri Jan 5 12:35
          Louis couldn’t help thinking that it was a good thing Ingrid hadn’t intended to study, as he doubted their professors would approve of this as revision. But he quickly thrust that thought from his... more
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