I do more than that, I'll bet
Fri Jan 5, 2018 12:35

Louis couldn’t help thinking that it was a good thing Ingrid hadn’t intended to study, as he doubted their professors would approve of this as revision. But he quickly thrust that thought from his mind, not wanting to think about professors in a situation like this.

He’d never imagined that he’d find himself in a situation quite like this. Here, at school, with Ingrid Wolseithcrafte right in front of him. Well, more than right in front of him – touching him, pressed up against him, so close they were almost…but no. Ingrid wasn’t instigating anything. Here she was, in his arms, seemingly giving in to him and to the sensations they were experiencing, but still she was challenging him.

He laughed at her demand, not a mocking laugh, but a low sound of amusement, and almost of victory. He knew what she wanted now, or at least that she was aware of what she was getting herself into, and that was enough to satisfy his conscience. His arm slid further round her back, fully encircling her lithe body and doing the seemingly impossible by further increasing their points of contact. Freeing his right hand, he brought it to her face, first cupping her cheek and then moving it backwards, just into her hairline.

His head moved forwards, very slightly, enough so that they were almost mouth to mouth, lip to lip, but stopping just short, achingly short, resisting the urge to close the gap.

“Challenge accepted,” he whispered, and kissed her.

It wasn’t gentle – nothing with these two ever was – but demanding, taking her challenge and expecting to be met halfway, claiming dominance but ready to fight for it.

  • That you amuse meIngrid, Thu Jan 4 17:42
    “I didn’t come here to study,” Ingrid pointed out. Although she hadn’t exactly had this scenario in mind when she entered the room... It felt like all her senses were heightened… She couldn’t help... more
    • I do more than that, I'll bet — Louis, Fri Jan 5 12:35
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