Kir McLeod
Nothing to lose
Wed Feb 7, 2018 08:07

Kir often got a bit of the start of term blues. Coming back to school should have been an exciting chance to catch up with all his friends but he didnít exactly have many, especially since his roommate had left. He was an eternal optimist though. Last year heíd got to know both Amelia and Georgia a little better, and he supposed Jozua. He actually had liked him by the end of their kind of weird conversation, possibly because it was the first really deep and serious conversation heíd had with anyone here about what he believed. Kir didnít need to get into that stuff all the time but it had sort of been good to do more than just pass the time of day with someone. Still, he wasnít sure how into it Jozua would be to discuss their thoughts and feelings on a regular basis.

He often found music helped banish the blues. It was, he was pretty sure, generally agreed that it released endorphins and made you happy or whatever, and it was also a way of feeling close to his family whilst he was far away, and so he was heading to the MARS music room to play a bit of piano, which he could do well enough to encourage a cheerful sing along but not to any great kind of standard.

He was passing through the common area when he spotted a piece of paper pinned to the wall. Kir read over the contents. He read it a second time, where having the context of it being a game made the opening paragraph make a lot more sense and seem a lot less terrifying. He hesitated, torn between going along to the meeting just to see, and claiming the invite. He didnít think he was the super adventurous sort, but this sounded more like pretending to be than actually having to face dragons and the like. And it was a group activity, so maybe it would be a good chance to make some friends. He didnít want to be on the edge looking inÖ And chicks dug adventurers, right? He plucked the invite from the wall, folding it up and putting it in his pocket before heading into the music room, were an upright wooden piano, complete with homely scratches and scuffs awaited him. Even before he set his fingers to the keys, he felt cheerier and more excited about being back.

  • Adventure Awaits... if you dareGary Harper, Tue Feb 6 22:25
    Not having spent any time in MARS last year, Gary wanders around a little before finding an unadorned section of the wall. On that section of wall he hangs a piece of paper before eyeing up the games ... more
    • Nothing to lose — Kir McLeod, Wed Feb 7 08:07
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