Jehan Callahan
What if? [Tag Dorian]
Sat Feb 17, 2018 11:26

Jehan let out a sigh, one of comfort and contentment. He was in the MARS room with Dorian, both snuggled up on the sofa. Classical music was playing softly in the background, and the two boys were reading, sharing things with each other every now and then.

This was it, really, this was what had been missing from his life until he arrived at Sonora. The friendship of someone who appreciated the same things he did had let to their wonderful afternoons spent in this very room. Despite all of the things going on at Sonora, Jehan and Dorian always found time for their reading and discussion sessions.

Talking of other things going on at Sonora, there was something that had been in the corner of Jehan’s mind for a while now. In his speech at the feast, the headmaster had mentioned a ball. Now, Jehan had been to a few balls (not many, as he was only young, but his parents did occasionally want to show off their younger son). However, these had always been disappointing affairs. Jehan, his head filled with stories from books, had expected lots of dancing, men and women looking beautiful, and all the romance anyone could want. Ok, he’d been a bit young for the romance, but he’d also been disappointed on the other two counts. The little dancing he’d done had been stiff and awkward, and the beautiful men and women had been adults, older and so removed. He’d felt out of place, like someone watching in on a scene that had the potential to be so much more wonderful than it was.

A ball at Sonora, though, that should be so much better. Here he knew people, and the students were all a lot closer to his age than the adults were. Plus there was Dorian. And this, really, was the crux of the matter, the reason for all Jehan’s musings on the topic. Because Jehan and Dorian would, of course, be going together (Jehan stamped out the flicker of doubt that suggested Dorian might want to go as a couple with one of the girls in their year), but Jehan felt this should be confirmed. It didn’t seem right to just assume such things.

He’d been meaning to ask Dorian for a while, but first he hadn’t been sure how to ask him if they were going together, and then he hadn’t found the right moment. However, a line in his book reminded him of the ball, and this seemed like a good moment. Gathering up his courage (somehow his mood had changed from relaxed to slightly nervous, and why was he nervous when it was just Dorian?), he decided that, for once, it was best to be straightforward.

“Dorian?” he asked, getting his friend’s attention with a voice that was somewhat less sure than usual. “Are we going to the ball together?”

    • What if....Dorian Montoir, Sat Feb 17 23:13
      It was hard to believe that the MARS music room didn’t always look this way, that it wasn’t a permanently fixed room like the library or his bedroom, just waiting for them to come in. There was the... more
      • Safe and soundJehan, Tue Feb 20 15:12
        “Quelle bal?” These words made Jehan’s eyes widen slightly in disappointment. Surely Dorian hadn’t forgotten about the ball? It would be such a wonderful night, and yet his friend had just forgotten... more
        • Tread softlyDorian, Wed Feb 21 06:57
          There was something beyond special about Dorian and Jehan’s friendship. How rare that the universe constructed two souls with such sympathy towards one another, and that they should be in the right... more
          • Only foolsJehan, Wed Feb 21 18:28
            Jehan was riding on a wave of euphoria from the understanding he and Dorian had reached. Nothing too specific had been said, but it didn’t need to be. They were, after all, only young, and they also... more
            • Tea will make everything betterDorian, Thu Feb 22 09:15
              Jehan pulled back from the hug and was smiling. Dorian thought he knew all of Jehan’s smiles - he had made efforts to memorise them for rainy days - but this one seemed different. Was Jehan okay? He... more
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