Safe and sound
Tue Feb 20, 2018 15:12

ďQuelle bal?Ē

These words made Jehanís eyes widen slightly in disappointment. Surely Dorian hadnít forgotten about the ball? It would be such a wonderful night, and yet his friend had just forgotten all about it! But no, luckily Dorian had just been a little out of it, and had quickly cottoned on to which ball Jehan had been referring. And now he was addressing Jehanís question, and Jehan started to feel more nervous, his stomach feeling just very slightly unpleasant. What was Dorian going to say? Maybe Dorian had already asked somebody to the ball? That was a horrific thought, and Jehan willed his friend to just answer quickly.

Dorianís answer came, somewhat drawn out, but from almost the very first words Jehan felt nothing but relief. Dorianís tone, so gentle and affectionate, changed the feeling in Jehanís stomach to something more relaxed, happy, soppy even, and Jehan felt a soft smile start on his face as the worry evaporated. Of course Dorian would be attending the ball with him. That was how things were meant to be, after all. It was fate.

He looked into Dorianís eyes as the other boy grasped his chin, smiling at him. Yes, okay, perhaps Dorian had a point, but Jehan had just been unsure. For all that he could be so certain of himself, so reluctant to change to please others (much to his parentsí annoyance), he could also be insecure at times, doubting quite how much he meant to someone, even if he had no cause to. The fact that the ball hadnít been brought up before now had only heightened his concerns, although it was partially his fault that nothing had been discussed. Dorian, whilst absolutely wonderful in most ways, hadnít yet mastered mind reading.

"What else would I do?Ē

At this question Jehan blushed slightly, now fully realising that his reasoning and worries had been flawed and unnecessary. He lowered his gaze, not quite looking at Dorian as he answered the other boyís potentially hypothetical question.

ďI thought you might want to go with somebody else,Ē he confessed. Because that was how it went, and Jehan wasnít stupid. He knew what was expected of them, knew what his parents and Victor would like. Jehan might act like he didnít understand what was expected of him, but he very much did. He just ignored the rules he disliked. But Dorian was both so similar to him and yet also different, and Jehan had been afraid that, perhaps, Dorian would do as was expected of him, or would even want to do so. But that didnít seem to be the case, and Jehan looked up at his friend once more, the soft smile still on his face.

ďMoi aussi,Ē he confirmed, slipping into Dorianís habit of using the odd French word. ďI want to spend all my time with you.Ē

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